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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Questionable Attire: The Shorts Jumpsuit and Thigh High Boots

Lately, I have developed an odd penchant for selecting clothes that are not really all that great for my body type. I have been eyeballing (and purchasing) things such as thigh-high and over the knee boots, short dresses, and oversized/menswear tops. For someone who is larger in the chest and thighs, these are not necessarily the most flattering choices. I often fluctuate between thinking that one should stick with what looks good on their body type and saying f*** it, I'll wear what I want. On the one hand, I like to look nice in my clothing; on the other hand, it is not my job to be visually appealing to others and I enjoy experimenting with outfits and makeup. I suppose it depends on how I feel, sometimes I feel a bit more toned down; other times, I feel like saying what the hell and wearing something that will get me the side-eye all day. 
One nice thing about where I live is that there are a variety of alternative dance nights to go to. These are great because I can wear anything I like and I don't have to worry about running into someone from work whilst wearing green lipstick or something. For this particular evening, I wore a shorts jumpsuit...... I NEVER wear shorts OR jumpsuits but I could not resist this one; it was on the clearance rack and it has the most amazing flowing sleeves ever! I paired it with another questionable wardrobe choice: thigh high boots. I am not sure that they are the most flattering but I LOVE THEM.....they are made of beautiful olive green suede. I wonder if I should have got them in black instead but I couldn't resist the olive green. (I also couldn't resist wearing metallic olive green lipstick with them!)


Earrings: Killstar Clothing, UD Moondust eyeshadow in Zodiac, Estee Lauder Cyber Eyes eyeshadow in Cyber Green, Portland Black Lipstick in Metallurgy.

(sad that this was the best one of the bunch)

Ridiculous Shorts Jumpsuit: Express
Tights: H&M
Ridiculous Thigh High Boots: Aldo

So what say you? Would you rather experiment with your look or just stick with what looks good on you?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Casual Friday: The Statement Scarf

Spring has arrived, which means it's time for all of the trendy blogs to feature people frolicking outside in their fashionable outfits. Where I live, we just got a whole whack of snow and there is probably more to come. Since it is cold out 8 months of the year, I have been trying to make my outerwear ensembles more interesting.....even if I am just going to the grocery store. Today's outfit consists of a casual jacket with a pair of jeans. To make things a bit more interesting, I added some suede over the knee boots and a super cool scarf that my friend knitted for me. The scarf is one of my favourite outerwear pieces as it's nice and warm and really makes a statement! I also wore some earrings that I got recently......they are ears wearing earrings that I wear in my ears.......I am not all there so I find this to be highly amusing.


Scarf knitted by my friend, Black Up Cosmetics Lipshine in Chestnut Brown, Earrings: Martha Rotten.

Jacket: Zara
Sunglasses and Jeans: Guess
Boots: Aldo

If there is nothing interesting for me to do on my days off, I usually try to cook something decent for supper. I used to hate cooking but these days I find it's a good stress reliever; it keeps your hands and mind occupied. 


How do you style your outerwear?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Scuba Knit

For a long time, I have been looking for something made of scuba knit or neoprene fabric to add to my wardrobe. This winter, I finally came across an excellent piece at a consignment store; it is an oversized, menswear sweater with overlong sleeves. The texture is super cool and it is an interesting, versatile, and comfortable addition to my casual wardrobe. For my first outfit I used my tried-and-true combination of all black + weird jewellery + interesting shoes. I wore some green earrings and makeup to add a touch of colour. The sweater works great for all black outfits; I think I will try it to style it with some coloured skirts for spring.


NARS Rated R, Urban Decay Bender, , Hypnovamp earrings, Givenchy Celestial Black lipgloss.


BOOTS: Shi by Journeys


Earrigs: CatherinetteRings, MAC Set to Stun Lipglass, Silver ring made by me, UD Uzi.


Boots: Guess

Do you have any neoprene in your wardrobe?

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Cat Dress

A few months ago when I was shopping with my mother, we found a dress that we both ended up buying on a clearance rack. I believe my sister ended up buying one as well. It has CAT PRINT on it so we couldn't resist. It is from a store that I NEVER shop at but I am really happy with the dress; you can dress it up or down, it is comfortable, and it is black and white so you can easily change up your shoes and accessories to make different outfits.


Necklaces: Pilgrim Jewellery, MAC Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tint in Blushing Berry, Bracelet: Le Chateau, Earrings: Hillberg and Berk.


Dress: RW & Co
Shoes: United Nude




Would you wear a cat print dress?

Monday, April 10, 2017


For as long as I can remember, I have always strongly disliked the colour brown. Lately, for some reason, I have started to see its appeal and have been adding some brown to my wardrobe and makeup. Today's outfits feature a neat dress that I found on a clearance rack. I was surprised that it was so inexpensive since the fabric has a nice weight and feel to it.....turns out it is made of something called Tencel which comes from wood pulp or something like that. When I looked up the clothing company's website, I saw that the dress also comes in black......I feel like I should prefer the black one but I am strangely attracted to the colour of this dress. It is such a neat colour of brown; it also looks different depending on how the light hits it. Sometimes it has a bit of a grey or green undertone, sometimes there is a bit of an orange-ish cast to it. It is hard to explain unless you see it in person but I think it is really cool.


Necklace: Simon's

Dress: Sloane Rouge
Boots: Aldo


Tokyomilk Dark Get Lucky Lip Tint, String Choker Necklace thinger from Le Chateau


Boots: Guess

I have added a few brown-toned lipglosses to my stash recently as well.


Black Up Cosmetics Lipshine in Chestnut Brown and Dark Chocolate, Bite Beauty Prismatic Pearl Creme Lipgloss in Bronze Pearl.
Are you a fan of brown?

Friday, March 31, 2017

Casual Friday

Recently, when purchasing a new piece of clothing, the lady who was helping me asked if I was buying the piece to wear to an event. I told her that the event was EVERY DAY LIFE. I love to make outfits and wear my clothes; why save them for a special occasion? Unfortunately, the business of being an adult means that many "events" I leave the house for involve buying toilet paper or visiting the home improvement store. Even though these things are tedious as hell and do not require any special attention to one's personal grooming, I still like to put some effort into my outfit and get my clothes out of the closet. I usually wear a basic black skirt and top with low-heeled ankle boots and an interesting jacket. I am still comfortable enough to do what I need to do but I look like I gave something resembling a f*** about what I look like. 

1000 points for you if you know what show this is from.

MAC Cremesheen Glass in Jet Boy, Hunt Amor earrings (local).

JACKET: Lady Dutch
SHOES: Steve Madden


Scarf: Le Chateau, Catrice Yellow Submagreen quad, earrings from random Etsy store.


What do you wear when you're out running errands?

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Lazy Eye of Horus

Today's outfit is a lazy, comfortable club look. I found this black and gold kimono dress on sale at Killstar quite some time ago. It is a bit short for me and also makes me look kind of pregnant but that's what you get when your order online and can't try anything on. Despite these issues, I still LOVE the dress because of the awesome huge sleeves and metallic gold print. It's also pretty fun to dance around in with those flappy sleeves.


Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick, Sugarpill Goldilux, Earrings by Hunt Amor (local)


Dress: Killstar Clothing
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Fluorite by YES


Earrings: Bebe


How was your weekend?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Floral Velvet

Today is the first day of "spring" a.k.a. everything is still covered in snow for the next 2 months. At this time of the year, I often feel the urge to get in my closet and do some spring cleaning. I feel that as I get older, it will be important to focus on quality rather than quantity of clothing. I have had a bad habit in the past of buying many pieces of inexpensive clothing as I get bored easily; I have been trying to change this into investing in good quality pieces that have wardrobe longevity. I want pieces that can be styled in many different ways and are nicely made so you can keep them for many years. I also need to be careful about finding pieces that are too trendy; they look dated quickly and are harder to style.
One piece of clothing that I wish I would have invested in is a floral velvet dress. I was eyeballing one from Free People but ended up buying a similar one from Zara for less than half the price. Unfortunately, the Zara one is made from a crappy-quality burnout velvet fabric while the Free People one felt lovely. I have worn this dress A LOT, it is perfect for wearing out to dinner, etc. as it is nice but not TOO fancy. I have also been able to style it with various accessories, jackets, and shoes. For the amount of times I have worn it, I wish I would have got the better quality one. 


Earrings: Random Etsy Store. Pressed Eyeshadow: MAC Night Manouevres, loose eyeshadows made by me, MAC Rags to Riches, some old bracelets that my mom gave me.

Dress: Zara
Boots: Le Chateau


Buxom Lips Gabby, cuff: Le Chateau, earrings: Zara


Boots: Steve Madden

When it comes to clothing, what is more important to you: quantity or quality?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


A few months ago, my sister came to visit. We went to an Our Lady Peace concert for nostalgia's sake; we used to listen to them together when we were kids. The opening band was I Mother Earth featuring Edwin.........it was very......interesting. While Our Lady Peace is a very talented live band, I Mother Earth was looking a lot less polished, so to speak. 
I recently read some article that said most people stop listening to new music at the age of 33. I'm not quite there yet but I feel that this has happened to me. I don't think I have listened to a new band or bought tickets to a concert for a new band in YEARS. The only exception to this has been going to yearly summer music festivals where there are always many bands I have never heard of. What is up with this? I need to go out and buy a bunch of CD's of stuff I have never heard of or something to get myself out of this weird nostalgic rut (YES, I AM THE LAST PERSON ON EARTH WHO STILL BUYS AND LISTENS TO CD'S, I am not up with the times). I also need to quit my job with dramatic flair, drastically change careers, and cover myself with tattoos but that's not going to happen any time soon. *SIGH*


Cuff: Le Chateau, Earrings: Shades of Grey Boutique (local), OCC Stained Gloss in Jealous.

Jacket: Bebe
Dress: Le Chateau
Tights: H&M
Boots: Guess


My sister and I are pretty much opposites when it comes to style. I slather myself in makeup, she doesn't wear any most of the time. I like to over dress for any occasion, she likes to keep things casual. 

What new music are you listening to lately?

Thursday, March 2, 2017


When I went home for Xmas to visit my family, my mother gave me a scarf that wasn't really her style. It was brought in by someone she works with from Pakistan which I thought was kind of neat. Since embroidery was a trend this winter, I thought I would try to incorporate it into some nice layered outfits. My eagerness to style this interesting piece earned me a day of freezing cold suffering for fashion; it was WAY too cold out to be wearing only a sweater, scarf, and light faux-leather jacket! I'll have to take this outfit for another spin when it gets warmer out this spring; next time I wear it I think I'll throw on some red lipstick instead of the more subtle gloss that I chose for this look.


NARS Norma lipgloss, onyx ring: was my mother's grandmother's, earrings: studioValyr

Jacket: Le Chateau
Sweater: DKNY
Skirt: Zara
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden

Who's ready for some slightly warmer, fashion friendly weather??

Monday, February 27, 2017

Necklace Layering

Necklace layering.....I think it was trendy like, 4 years ago or something. Since I am not up with the times I am only getting around to trying this out now. It works out well for me as I love to wear as many accessories at once as possible.  I had the good fortune to have New Year's Eve off this year; on New Year's Day I went out for dinner with a bunch of friends and this is what I wore.


Necklaces: Pilgrim Jewellery and Alexis Bittar, Earrings: Free People.

MAC Berry Black Friday, Bracelet: Le Chateau, Ring: Made by me in silversmithing class.


Bat-Wing Shirt: Black Milk
Skirt: Workhall (local)
Boots: Guess

So I guess it was the Oscars last night......I never watch them as I am not really a movie person. Today, I browsed through the results as they came up when I was Googling pictures of what people wore; I hadn't seen the vast majority of the films that were nominated. One thing I HAD actually seen was O.J.: Made in America which won Best Documentary Feature. It was one of the most interesting things that I have watched in a long time, I would highly recommend seeing it (especially if you're a true crime/documentary nut like me!)

Did you watch the Oscars? 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Shirt Dress

I have always loved the casual chic look of a shirt dress but I could never find one that suited my body type. If you are large in the chest area they can make a person look like a shapeless blob or somewhat pregnant. Many of them are also too short for me. I recently found a really nice black one that had these neat ties on each side. You can tie them in the front, back, or side to give your waist some definition OR you can tie them up around your neck which is what I did here. (It's hard to see it in the picture due to my poor photography skills). It is a little bit on the short side for me as the buttons do not go all the way down the front; I hand sewed in a few snap buttons and now it stays closed when I am walking around.  I love basic pieces like this that I can pair with an endless array of different shoes and accessories.



Earrings: Karma Victoria (local)
Shirt Dress: Workhall (local)
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden


Are you a fan of shirt dresses?

Friday, January 27, 2017


Back in the fall of 2015, I went on a trip to Las Vegas with my husband and some friends. I am a bit late to the party with my pictures here but I figured I might as well post them anyway.  
We spent some time in the pool.....it was about 18 Celsius outside (64 F) and we thought the lifeguard was quite hilarious....the person had mittens and a headband on while we were in our bathing suits! I suppose Canadians are a bit more used to the cold than people who live further south.

We also went to see some shows. We went to see O, which was amazing, and Chris Angel Believe. The Criss Angel show was pretty bad but I love terrible things so it kind of worked for me. In the mornings, me and my husband and a friend of ours would go play low-stakes poker with the retired people which was pretty fun. I did not do very well, unfortunately! 

I also went shopping at the outlet stores and found a couple things, one of them being a cute wristlet from the Kate Spade store.


I cannot remember where I wore this or why I chose to wear pants, which I rarely do. The boots are super old, I found them hidden away in my basement. The heels have worn off on them, I might go and get them re-heeled so I can still use them.

Have you ever been to Vegas?