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Friday, May 12, 2017

Casual Friday: The Pool Hall

Have you ever played pool before? Up until recently, my only experience with a pool table was back when I was a kid. One of my aunts bought a house and the previous owners left this old, beat up pool table with chipped balls in the basement. My cousins and I made up a game in which we would all stand with our fingers over the edge of the pool table and one person would go to the other side and roll the balls and try to hit someone's fingers......oh the things kids did before the world knew smartphones. 
In February, whilst on a family trip, my mother and I decided to have a game of pool. We both knew that we pretty much sucked so we were competing for the dubious title of LVP (least valuable player). Little did we know how few skills we truly had; the game took HOURS and the only ball we were sinking was the white one. I decided that this would not do, so my husband and I enlisted the help of our friends who are good at pool to teach us a few things. There is a pool hall near our house so we have been meeting there for games; it is a pretty casual atmosphere so I can't dress up too much.


Earrings: From a locals store, Urban Decay Mildew Eyeshadow, Black Up Cosmetics lipshine in Chestnut Brown.

Sweater: Cheap Monday
Pants: Vero Moda
Shoes: Sorel

My favourite pair of casual boots are made by Sorel. I had been looking for a comfortable pair of boots that were weather resistant, comfortable for walking and running errands, yet also somewhat stylish. I stumbled upon Sorel's website and I was surprised to find out that most of their boots don't look like something you'd wear to shovel the driveway anymore.
They actually make some pretty decent looking casual footwear now! None of it is super fashionable or edgy or anything but if you need a reliable yet not super fugly pair of shoes they have a great selection. The boots I got are made with nice materials, warm in winter but not so warm that you can't wear them in spring and fall, have a nice heel height but are still comfortable enough to walk and drive in, and are not too bad looking either.  They still look like new after wearing them a lot, I think they will be a nice long-term addition to my shoe wardrobe.

Like I said, they aren't the most fashionable things ever but if you live in a place where it snows 8 months of the year, they are definitely nicer than these:

I have been eyeballing a pair of their summer sandals that are made of rubber, leather, and neoprene.

Do you have any pool skills?

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  1. I can't believe those are Sorel...I've got a pair and they are definitely shoveling shoes. Seriously... It's a billion dollar idea if someone want to make warm stylish boots... Your post makes me want to play pool. I miss bars with games in them! In NYC they'd rather have people spending $$ instead of using the floor space for pool tables. One of my friends in high school had a pool table and I got to be halfway decent. Haven't played in years through