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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Casual Friday: Band-T

I am starting to feel that chill in the air that signals the end of summer. Unfortunately, it's not over YET, we have still had some scorching hot days. One of the well-ventilated tops in my summer wardrobe is a band shirt from an old favourite, A.F.I. I haven't worn band t-shirts or listened to A.F.I for YEARS but I picked up their Blood Album recently and unexpectedly loved it. They kind of lost me there with Crash Love and Burials so I am excited to be listening to them again! Casual t-shirts aren't usually my thing but when it's hot out, I don't care how casual I look. 


Urban Decay Vice lipstick in Venom.

AFI-T 2001

AFI-T 2017

Some things never change.

Are you a fan of the band t-shirt? How do you style them?


  1. I love shirts these days. Mine are all gaming/movie related t-shirts... I own one band t-shirt and it's so big, I use it as a night shirt.
    I'll style them as you have styled yours lol-- a nice long skirt, or a pair of jean shorts and some knee high socks.

  2. omg is that an old picture of you? That's a cool shirt--you almost can't tell it's a band shirt. I got rid of a bunch of band shirts that were kind of dumb looking, even if I liked the band. There was also a time when all the band shirts were too damn big, and I did a few bad DIYs and basically ruined the shirt. I'll never get a band shirt due to my new wardrobe rules (though I ALMOST got that Korn shirt at Top Shop for shits and giggles).

  3. I'm a sucker for t-shirts, especially if they're over-sized. I have political t-shirts, nerdy history ones, creepy ones, etc. I generally wear them over leggings or jeans with sneakers. Nothing too glamorous.

  4. Nice make-up!
    I am sadly a very small woman, so I drown in band shirts - So I usually wear them with jeans / tights, since they cover my butt anyway. Though the past year I've been altering a bunch of them, so they're more flattering to my body and I can wear them with short skirts!