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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween!!!!

Here is the Austin Powers group costume that I participated in last year. We had Dr. Evil, a Fembot, a shark with a fricken' laser beam on its head, Mustafa, Number 2, a go-go dancer, Agent Kensington, and Austin Powers. I went as a fembot. I got a blonde wig and it looked SUPER WEIRD on me. I made the costume using simple hand and machine sewing. I bought an inexpensive pink bra and sewed marabou trim on it by hand and glued on some aluminum tubes that my husband found in the garage for the guns. I sewed some shiny pink fabric to the bra and added trim at the bottom. I made a hair clip out of a bobby pin and some of the feather trim. I found some pink gloves and spray-painted some old high heels pink and glued on some feather trim to complete the look. My friend who went as Agent Kensington sewed her own costume as well. 

A pretty good effort if I do say so myself!

Aaaaaand now that Halloween is over, I must brace myself as we shall soon be bombarded by everything Christmas......noooooooooooo!!!!!!!


  1. Groovy costumes! Happy Halloween!!🦇🦇

  2. It is incredible how close to the originals you look. What a creepy costume!