A Closeted Goth Girl Trying to Make it in the Professional World

Monday, November 27, 2017

Cyber Monday

As per tradition, here is a cyber goth outfit for Cyber Monday.


Earrings: Catherinette Rings, my old friend MAC Cyber lipstick

Dress and Armwarmers: Zolnar

I wore this dress to go to a VNV Nation concert.

My favourite part of seeing VNV (I think I've seen them at least 5 times now) is watching the drummer, Mark Jackson. He has such a great positive energy and has such enthusiasm; you can tell that he loves what he does. Sadly, I just heard that he is leaving VNV Nation to pursue other projects :(

Today I shall use my day off to work on some crafting projects! I have some sewing, drawing, and fabric dyeing lined up for today, I hope I don't screw any of it up too badly!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Black Friday

It is Black Friday. Here is an all black outfit which mixes the contrasting textures of shiny leather and delicate lace. 


You can't go wrong with all black. 

Did you do any sale shopping? I got some new shoes!