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Thursday, December 7, 2017

FW Trends 2017/2018

I recently read a post from The Mutant Stomp Friends about the style elements that she will be working in to her wardrobe for fall. I thought that was a great idea so I am going to do a post about it as well!

I do not really consider myself a slave to fashion who must obey and follow the trends every year; however, I DO enjoy trends because they give me new ideas for ways to use the clothing that lurks deep within my closet! Sometimes, I have items stashed away that I couldn't figure out how to style and trends give me new ideas on how to use these pieces. I also like buying trendy stuff when things I like are "in". For example, if leopard print is in style I don't mind adding some more to my wardrobe because I LOVE it enough that I don't care if I look dated as all hell wearing it when it hasn't been cool since two-thousand-and-late. You've got to stock up on things while you can, some years the clothing that's available won't be to your taste. 

I bought a couple of fashion magazines at the beginning of fall to see what the powers that be are telling us we should wear this season.  These are the trends that I am currently loving:


I would LOVE to get my hands on a pair of red boots so I could pair them with EVERYTHING!! In my closet, I have various items that I am going to work with such as red earrings, a red faux leather jacket, and red lipstick.


Oh, how I have always loved plaid. In high school, I had plaid pants and plaid skirts in a variety of colours and they will always be my favourite clothing items that I have ever had. I would love to find a nice red plaid knee-length or maxi skirt as well as a plaid scarf.


Fishnets are in style? HELLS YEAH, I have a whole drawer full of them. I have and will be bringing them out, they are easy to add to many of my already put together outfits. 


In recent years, I have gravitated towards modern, geometric, and oversized styles. I almost forgot how much fun it was to wear luxuriant fabrics like velvet and lace. I will definitely be trying out some more romantic and Victorian goth inspired style elements this winter. I already have a lot of accessories that fit the bill as well as velvet pieces that I have acquired over the last few seasons. 


Leather is in? Super. I have lots of faux and real leather pieces that I can crack out. This will be an easy one to pair with other trends such as fishnets and pops of red.

Disco Metallics

I am loving the disco-inspired metallic looks in the magazines but I am not quite sure how to pull this off myself. I do have some metallic shoes and clothing pieces so I will be cracking those out for sure. Metallic makeup and lips also sound like fun!


Is it cool to wear leopard print again??? F*** YES! I have been looking for a nice leopard print skirt for quite some time but haven't found anything that I like. I have decided to sew one out of scuba knit fabric......I'm sure the results of this undertaking will be quite marginal. The magazine also suggested pairing leopard print with a bright accent......since red is in this year, I want to try combine these two things in an outfit.


I am a recovering maximalist so I ADORE this trend! I have seen so many neat runway photos with crazy print-mixing and over-accessorizing, it looks like so much FUN! To take this from runway to everyday, I may try some pairing some clashing prints or piling on the accessories. This one is pretty hard to pull off without looking like a nutcase (note that I do not really care if people think I look like a nutcase in my outfits so maybe this is a good one for me to try).

I am kind of loving the retro-sport casual athletic wear thing for some reason. I don't think I am going to try it out in my wardrobe; being that I am the farthest thing from athletic and LOATHE my begrudging workouts, I would feel like a fraud wearing such things. However, I saw a photo of a beautiful famous person like Rihanna or something wearing tear-aways over fishnets and I WANT TO DO THAT TOO! It brought back memories of grade 5 when you weren't cool unless you had a pair of Adidas tear-away track pants. 

I saw these glorious T by Alexander Wang tear-aways online recently. Thank goodness that these were way to expensive to justify purchasing them (also the Canadian dollar sucks), otherwise I would be sashaying about in them with aplomb and looking like a grand dingus whilst doing so. 

 SOMEBODY STOP ME from buying track pants and wearing them over fishnets, PLEASE. Thankfully I haven't been able to find any that are suitable on me. 

What will YOU be wearing this season?? I would love to see some outfit posts this winter!


  1. Oh gods, I'm too Slavic to wear track pants >D One second I wear track pants, the next I'm suddenly squatting listening to hardbass, no thanks >D
    I no longer have contact with fashion magazines, but... velvet? Leather? Metallics? Leopard print? Fishnet? Maximalist? Sounds like beginning of a nice gothy outfit, bring them on!

  2. it's so bizarre to see those old tracksuits and adidas stripes and the tommy hilfiger stuff at like urban outfitters and stuff. lol also loving the retro blog font effects you got there. very geocities. Thanks for the mention!

  3. As soon as I saw the picture of tear-away pants, I was going to breeze to the comments to say “what’s wrong with track pants?”...but you beat me to it.