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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Haulin' Wood

This past fall, I was rather irritated with my husband as he had been going on and on about building a shed in the back yard. I must say that I couldn't muster a single f*** to give about whether or not there was a shed in the back yard; however, I got dragged into helping him haul wood from the home improvement store and he made me pick out the paint colours for it as well. On the day in which I was required to help him, he was not impressed to see me wearing a dress and lipstick; I was wearing FLAT BOOTS for goodness sake and I even had my WOOD earrings on, what more did he want from me!?!? If I am going somewhere other than work, I like to take advantage of the opportunity to make an outfit! I still hauled the damned wood, lipstick and all.


Wood and steel earrings from Atrium Creation.

Dress: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target from 2013 that I found in the depths of the closet 
Boots: Fluevog
I should have put on my work gloves to really complete the look.

These boots are my second pair of Fluevogs......my friend actually gave them to me because she was getting rid of some things they hurt her feet. They also hurt my feet the first several times I wore them, they took awhile to break in but are a good pair of boots to have for when I need to wear flat shoes. 


  1. Hahaha! I love your boots. That is so cool that your friend gave them to you.

  2. Hahha, lol, we go on dates to the home improvement store...:D No, not really...but it's in out top 3 most visited places. Anyway...yes, the outfit definitely needs a pair of work gloves...:D

  3. You must have been the best dressed and sexiest lumberjack in the world!