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Monday, January 29, 2018

The Weird Pants

I do not often like to wear pants but every now and then a unique pair catches my eye. Recently, I found a loose-cut trouser with a panel in front in the store of a local designer. When you walk, the panel flows and creates movement and when you stand still you look like you have a long skirt on. For some reason, this amuses me to no end. For this outfit, I paired them with a distressed crop top, a sheer poncho, and a glass necklace with a real butterfly wing.


Necklace: Midmod Vintage

Note the awkward side pose in a sad attempt to show the unique features of these pants. 

Ripped Cropped Sweater (under poncho): Killstar Clothing
Weird Pants: Workhall (local)

Are you a pants person or do you like to stick with dresses and skirts?


  1. That pants though... These are really crazy and strange but oh so cool on you at the same time!

  2. Definitely a pants person. But I'm trying to get back into wearing skirts.

  3. Your skirt - pants are cool, I love stuff with flowy panels. I'm definitely a pants person. I tried to force myself to wear more skirts for a while, but I just hate them...:D

  4. Skants? I love them! I love overly designed things! I prefer skirts--legs are too short for pants!

  5. https://youtu.be/nq33tXCB6y8