A Closeted Goth Girl Trying to Make it in the Professional World

Friday, February 9, 2018

Burgundy Velvet, Black Lace, Alchemy Gothic

This year, I have had a craving for Victorian/romantic goth things such as velvet and lace. I have been wearing a lot of decidedly un-girly and oversized things lately so I thought I'd change it up a bit. Today's outfit features a velvet pencil skirt that I got right before American Apparel closed and a top with sheer lace on the back. The boots are super old, I got them re-soled and they have re-joined my wardrobe from the depths of the "things I have wrecked" pile.


Necklace: good old Alchemy Gothic. I should have worn a nice dark lipstick instead of a sparkly gloss.


Blazer Cape Coat Thing: Workhall (local)
Top: Guess
Skirt: American Apparel

I am really enjoying the cape/blazer/coat type thing I have on in the second photo. It reminds me of the fancy people you see in street style photos who wear their coats over their shoulders so you can still see their outfit. While it is definitely a neat piece of clothing, it is pretty damn impractical, I nearly froze to death wearing this. It's not coming out again until spring!

Right now, it is REALLY cold out (-28 °C with the windchill which is -18.4 F) and we have a TON of snow, it is thwarting my efforts in the outfit department. How's the weather in your neck of the woods?


  1. Ohh, I love these fancy cape-style blazers! You look so elegant, such a good corp-goth look, both gothicness and conformity to the norms are well balanced.
    As for the snow... I haven't seen it since 2012. Bare winter world makes wearing layers less satisfying.

  2. yeah freezing here too, so I'm just in my puffer coat all day. love the blazer cape!

  3. Oh wow, I think it's bad when reaches -2. I don't think I've experienced weather that cold. I do like cape blazier it looks gorgeous. It reminds me of one of the medieval gowns that has slits in their sleeves.

  4. That cape/blazer/coat thing is fab, I have to make one for myself...:D
    The weather is cold over here as well, but so far, there hasn't been any snow. :(