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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Outerwear Outfit

Where I live, it is COLD outside for many months of the year. Therefore, I have been making an effort to include my outerwear pieces in my outfit rather than just throwing them on over my clothes. For today's outfit, I wore all black but used different textures to keep things interesting. My cotton top had long sleeves which kept my hands sort of warm; the leather jacket contrasted nicely with my pvc and lace skirt. I wore tights, legwarmers, and a scarf for extra warmth; the scarf also added a bit of colour. For accessories, I wore a brooch on my scarf, a delicate earring in one ear, and a vintage ring. 


Ring: Vintage, I believe it was an older relative's; Earring: Free People; Brooch: from an old shirt that got wrecked; MAC Rebel to match my hair.


Top: Noctex
PVC and Lace Skirt: Made by my friend
Legwarmers: Old American Apparel from like, 10 years ago
Leather Jacket: Vintage

FULL DISCLOSURE: Despite my efforts at layering I still froze to death wearing this. 

Who else is ready for some spring weather?


  1. I really like that coat, where did you get yours from?

  2. This is a great outfit! You look awesome.

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