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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Evil Shades Blush Swatches

Part of one of my Xmas presents was a complete set of blush samples from Evil Shades! I am rather new to independent makeup companies so this is very exciting! Blush is not something I usually get particularly excited over so I don't have very many different ones and I always end up using the same thing over and over again. These blushes DO excite me! They are weird colours and have sparkle and shimmer! Here is a quick review and some swatches. Please note that I have not actually worn any of them on my cheeks yet so these are just my first impressions from playing around with the product.

ADDED NOTE(January 23, 2011): Now that I HAVE worn both the eyeshadow and a few of the blushes, I just wanted to add this in....both the eyeshadow and the blushes apply nicely, wear well, and look great on!

THE GOOD: The colours are beautiful and the texture is super nice and smooth. I think they will apply well. On my arm, they seemed as though they could be applied both lightly and sheerly or much bolder. They were sent in some cute paper with a candy cane which I thought was a nice touch. The best part about them is how unique they are. I have never seen such neat blushes and the colours are complex and not what you usually see when you go looking for blush. The labels with the little skull butterfly on them are a nice touch! Also, Evil Shades was kind enough to include a sample of an eyeshadow in with the order which was a nice surprise. The colour range of the blush is nice because there are neutral shades, bright shades, and unusual shades. I kind of think that I might even use some of them as eyeshadows AND blush.

THE BAD: The things that I have here under the bad are not necessarily BAD, per se, but just some things that I personally didn't like that much. One thing to note is that if you live in Canada, your order will take a long time to get here as these are made by an independent company and the owner mixes them herself. Also, packages can get stuck at the border which is not the company's fault but just something to take note of if you're ordering in Canada. The samples are in clamshells, which is AWESOME compared to baggies. However, clamshells, as we all know, are quite prone to spilling everywhere when you open them; and they are rather small so it may be a bit hard to pick up product with a blush brush. Anyway, these are samples so this is really a non-issue. The full size ones do not come in a clamshell (as far as I know). A lot of (but not all of) the colours are also not easy to wear for daywear (i.e. to work if you work where you must dress professionally) as they are quite sparkly/shimmery. One more thing I noticed is that in a few of the samples there are a few chunks of unblended ingredients. This is not the hugest problem either as the chunks did not seem to affect the application of the product.

THE VERDICT: These are lovely, unique, smooth textured blushes that come in some unexpected shades! Aside from a few small issues that I have with them, I really love them!


Atomic: Hot orange cooled down with a blue shift.

Avens: Rose with violet shift.

Brazen: Pink toned red flush (contains carmine, thus not vegan)

Backtalk: Hot bubblegum pink with and orange/tangerine shift.

Burlesque: Light warm toned peach with soft silver shimmer.

China Doll: Sweet pink with cool undertones and grand gold shimmer.

Day Dream: A pink toned coral with gold shift.

Gossamer: Soft baby pink with blue shift.

Love Bites: Soft pink coral with green shift.

Pin Up: Medium rose with lots of pink shimmer.

Ravishing: An orange toned coral with purple luminescence.

Skon: Berry/plum with strong pink shift.

Vixen: Plum with gold and pink shimmer.



On the wrist: Cranberry Champagne Eyeshadow.

Out on it's own on the left: Vixen.

Top row left to right: Skon, Ravishing, Pin Up, Love Bites, Gossamer, Day Dream.

Bottom row left to right: China Doll, Burlesque, Backtalk, Brazen, Avens, Atomic.

The photos were taken in different lighting to show all the sparkliness, shimmer and shifts, etc.



Brazen/Love Bites



China Doll/Skon


Here is the eyeshadow sample I got. It is Cranberry Champagne from the Auld Lang Syne collection for 2010.

The shade is described as a deep cranberry with red tones and golden shimmer on the Evil Shades website. It's a great colour, I love it!

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