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Thursday, January 6, 2011

MAC Peacocky Kissable Lipcolour Swatches and Review

I went to the MAC counter today to pick up some of the Kissable Lipcolours from the new Peacocky collection! I knew I at least had to get the blue one because I have a huge hard-on for weird lip colours. Here are some pictures, swatches, and a quick review!

The Good: I enjoy the packaging on these as I do with most MAC products as they are always simple yet chic. I also like the doe's foot applicator....this may sound like makeup blasphemy but I prefer a doe's foot applicator over a brush applicator for liquid lip colours or glosses. I find that a doe's foot applicator deposits more product which I can then fix with a brush afterwards. Also, I think it's easier to get the product onto a proper lip brush from the applicator than it is from a brush. These lipcolours have a vanilla scent and are very smooth to apply. The range of colours has something for everyone; there are nudes, neutrals, brights, darks, and a BLUE!

The Bad: These colours are not really very long wearing but they are fairly moisturizing. I always find that there is a tradeoff in lip products...they are either long wearing but drying or moisturizing but less long wearing. Peacocky is a really cool colour but it applies somewhat sheerly and unevenly. You really have to layer it if you want to wear it by itself. However, it might be fun to play with over lipsticks!

The Verdict: These are smoothly applying but not long wearing lip products that come in an excellent range of colours.

Here are the ones I picked up.

From left to right: Peacocky, Exxxhibitionist, Strut Your Stuff, and Love Peck.
Doe Foot Applicator


Peacocky: I don't know how to describe it but it is kind of a teal-ish light blue with some magenta shimmer or shift of something which is not visible in these pictures.

Exxxhibitionist: A lovely smooth coral.

Strut Your Stuff: A bright orangey red.

Love Peck: A brownish burgundy wine type colour.

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