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Friday, January 21, 2011

Quo In the Club/V.I.P. Light Up Lip Gloss Review and Swatches

Here's a quick review of another purchase that I made while on a trip to the post office at Shopper's Drug Mart that turned into a little bit of shopping in the beauty boutique. I got these Quo In the Club/V.I.P light up lipglosses in a set together on sale for $3.99!

THE GOOD: As I mentioned before, it was only $3.99 Canadian for the two of them which is a great price! The lipglosses have a smooth texture with some nice sparkle. They are fairly subtle and thus are good for everyday wear; in fact, I have been carrying them around in my purse to work and applying them all the time! Since they are rather neutral, they are a good lipgloss to slap on regardless of whatever makeup/clothes you are wearing. Also, they are nice to take when you go out to the club or a concert or wherever as they come with a built-in mirror and light for bathroom-free touch ups! Super cool!

THE BAD: I don't have too many complaints about these except for the fact that they aren't particularly long wearing.

THE VERDICT: These were a great price and I pull them out all the time!





On the left: Pink Stiletto - a cool pink with multicoloured sparkles.
On the right: Masquerade Mauve - a rosy mauve with multicoloured sparkles.


Pink Stiletto

Masquerade Mauve

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