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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sugarpill Chromalust Loose Eyeshadow Review And Swatches

Here's a quick review of the Chromalust eyeshadows that I got for Xmas...

THE GOOD: The packaging is just excellent. The boxes are all very detailed and cute and I love how each of the eyeshadows get their own little symbol on the label on the bottom of the jars. The lids of the jars are pretty, too. I also love the texture of these as they are all smooth and blendable. I also find that they pick up really easily on my brushes and deposit nicely onto my lids with minimal fallout. When I use certain other brands of loose eyeshadows, they fall off of my brushes and get all over my face. I'm not sure if it's just the kind of brushes that I use, but these seem to work really well for me! The colours are awesome and the shadows are highly pigmented. I also enjoy the sparkles and shifts that they all have. I find that the prices of these are reasonable as well; they are $12 US for 5 grams of shadow which is quite a large amount! Another nice thing is that a free sample was sent with the order, and even the sample had cute packaging!

THE BAD: I really can't think of anything negative to say about these. I had slight glitter fallout onto my face after wearing the shadows for a few hours but it was fairly insignificant compared to other loose eyeshadows that I have tried.

THE VERDICT: These are a makeup lover's DREAM! I will definiately be adding more of these to my collection....I may even get them all!




Before we look at the swatches, I am going to list my own colour descriptions as there are none listed on the website.

Absinthe: Bright spring green with gold sparkles.

Darling: Jewel-toned teal with blue sparkles.

Magnetric: Bright fuschia with blue sparkles.

Magpie: Navy blue with blue and silver sparkles.

Paperdoll: Lavendar with pink sparkles.

Weekender: A purple-ish blue with pink and blue sparkles.


As always, presented in different lighting conditions. From left to right: Absinthe, Darling, Magnetric, Magpie, Paperdoll, Weekender.

*EDIT: I have failed at life....as a matter of fact, the website DOES list the colour descriptions. However, mine were close enough so I'm just leaving them the way they are.

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