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Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Day- My Cats

Today I got the day off of work and my unpaid internship because in my province it is "Family Day." I believe that the purpose of this statutory holiday is to stay at home and enjoy your family; personally, I don't really care what the purpose of the holiday is as long as I get the day off! In honour of family day, I thought that I would share with you some pictures of my "babies." Just so you know, I am a little bit of a weird cat lady and have given my cats first, middle, and last names. Their middle names are modified versions of the names they had when they were "adopted."

Here is Twiggy Cinnabon Ramirez! She is almost four years old. When I adopted her from a shelter several years ago, her name was Cinnamon. She is named after the former bassist in Marilyn Manson's band.....I have an idiotic sense of humour and therefore thought that naming a cute little kitty after a cracked out guy who sometimes wears a dress would be quite amusing. Also, she is super skinny so I thought that Twiggy would suit her quite well. When we first got her at the age of eight months, she was about the same size that she is now! She never grew for some reason. Twiggy is a little bit special........she is a polydactyl cat. She has two extra toes on each paw!

And now, here is Captain James Twiberius Kirk who is almost two years old. His middle name is derived from the middle name of the actual James T. Kirk (Tiberius) and the name he had when I got him from a friend who lived out on a farm (Twitter). We call him James for short and so that the vet does not think we are crazy by saying, "Can we please book an appointment for Captain James T. Kirk?" on the phone when we call their office. James was one of six babies in a litter from two farm cats that my friend had. Two were not alive when they were born, and James' mother freaked out and put the remaining four kittens into a hole in the wall in their basement and my friend was unable to get the kittens out. Eventually, one more of them passed away and the mother brought out the remaining three, one of which was James. My fiance picked him because he was the biggest and strongest of the three. Poor James' father was later eaten by a coyote.....apparently this is just another day at the office at the farm. Anyway, he is a silly cat who likes to carry his toys around and "hide" in places that he can be seen very easily in (see below). He is a medium hair and spends lots of time fluffing up his tail.

Here is Captain James T. Kirk "helping" me review the Evil Shades Pinup Girls Collection. He loves to try and "help" me do things with makeup, as does Twiggy. Neither of them are particularly helpful and often knock my eyeshadows off of the counter and break them.

Here's a picture of James and Twig a few months after we got James. He thought that Twiggy was his mother for several months and Twiggy was very nice and tolerated it. You can see some of her extra toes in this picture.

Here's what they look like today! James is two years younger than Twiggy, but he is about twice the size of her!

Well, now you all know that I am a crazy cat lady. My work here is done. Happy Family Day!


  1. Oh my goodness, your cats are completely adorable... I am a crazy cat lady/ Star Trek nerd myself... James' name is awesome :) And I've always wanted a polydactyl cat as a Hemingway shout-out!

  2. Awwww adorable! What cute & interesting lil kitties =^.^=

  3. Your kitties are simply ADORABLE!!! And as a crazy cat lady myself, I have to invite you to see my kitties too :)


    (I have Mittens curled up next to me right now and I'm in Lyuba heaven)