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Sunday, April 24, 2011

3rd Versatile Blogger Award!

Well shut my mouth and paint me red, I've gotten another Versatile Blogger Award! It's my 3rd one! GenkiOriana from Beauty Raid has ever so nicely bestowed this award upon me! Please go and check out her blog, it's rather neat as there are three contributors so you get to see the different makeup styles of three lovely ladies! My favourite post of hers is Orange is My Rave-Orite Color! She actually wore it to a rave with glowsticks and everything! JEALOUS!!!

Here are a few blogs that I would like to pass the award on to.....check them out!

1) Martian Delights: This blog is packed full of unique looks with great eyeshadow colour combinations and awesome lip colours! I LOVE the way this lovely lady does her makeup!

2) The Beauty Hooligan: I really love Julie's vintage/pinup/punky style!

3) Makeup or Morte: Lexa does some excellent makeup reviews and always shows the product in action, which I always appreciate!

4) Jade Goes With Everything: Jade does fantastic makeup looks and does great NOTD's as well! She's multi-talented!

And now, seven boring facts about myself:

1) I. HATE. CELLPHONES. I don't even have one right now. Many people these days cannot live without them, but I find them to be rather annoying. I also hate TEXTING. JUST PHONE ME for #$%*@ 's sake!! I still have a land line and an answering machine. I'm like an old person.

2) I really love watching documentaries, they are my favourite kind of movie/TV show! It all started when my sister and I used to watch Investigative Reports with Bill Kurtis on A&E back in the day (like, really back in the day).

3) I can apply lipgloss with my cleavage.

"Look what I can do!"

4) Recently, on a rather well known makeup blog, I read a sentence that said something to the effect of, "Who uses makeup sponges to apply colour anymore anyway?" Makeup blasphemy confession: I do......sometimes I just can't get it to go on right with my brush! I really need to, er, BRUSH up on my technique!

5) GenkiOriana of BeautyRaid asked in the comments section how I remove my makeup. I use inexpensive products: Nivea Visage Eye Makeup Remover in both the regular clear type and the long lasting and waterproof makeup type which is a creamier product. I use each type on different areas of my face, depending how hard what I'm wearing that day is to remove. I go through a LOT of cotton pads and a LOT of makeup remover as I wear a full face of makeup almost every single day.

6) The only two "sports" I watch are men's figure skating (it's FABULOUS) and Formula One racing.

7) My favourite colour of eyeshadow is purple. However, I have this weird thing about NOT buying it. I always see a purple that catches my eye and then I think, "No, I have enough purple eyshadows, I'll pick something else." Actually, I really DON'T have many at all, but in my mind I always THINK I do because it's my favourite.

Everyone who gets this award may decide to pass it on to some other lovely blogs if they would like to and then post 7 random facts about themselves!


  1. woot woot Vulcan! congrats and thank you so much, I will post on this later tonight~! My first award yay *does happy dance*... thanks for supporting my blog!

  2. First off: I adore your taste in blogs. I hope you get a hundred more of these so I can keep discovering new things to read.

    Secondly, addressed to fact 3: OMG, ME TOO! Unless it's a squeeze tube gloss. That's still a bit out of my league. xP

  3. Good to know that I am not the only person who has tried applying lipgloss with my cleavage!! That makes me feel like somewhat less of a hot mess. I have never even ATTEMPTED to do this with a squeeze tube.....clearly we must try to become more skilled! LOL!

  4. Congratulations :)
    I shall go and check out the blogs you have mentioned, love finding new ones to read :)

  5. 'Promise you won't laugh!' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-q41g6TPB4

  6. Hah, you hate texting, and I hate talking on the phone! I'll tell you why: I have a stutter and it seems not to be so much of a problem in person (since I can play it off or people see that I'm working on getting onto the next word), but on the phone people assume that they haven't heard the last word in the sentence or that I'm waiting for them to speak if I pause. So frustrating! If they'd hurry up and give everyone video phones already, I'd be all about that, but as it stands, something involving typing is the least-awkward non face to face option I have right now.

    Also, I laughed so hard at what you were saying about purple eyeshadows! I'm the same way with red lipsticks. But then I end up convincing myself that this one is somehow "totally different" and buying it anyway. Oops.

  7. Whoa... You can apply makeup that way? DAMN. Damn girl! That's pretty awesome! lol

    I hate when I'm speaking to someone and they start texting mid conversation without any prompt. If they do it too often I stop them and ask "should I leave? It's like you're having a conversation with someone who's not here but who also has no interest in speaking to me... and it's weird. And uncomfortable. And I can go if you'd like." I definitely remember the days of no cell phones. *waggles her cane* damn kids these days and their fancy contraptions!

  8. I'm lol'ing at the super random way you can apply gloss!