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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hard Candy Visibly Wet Lip Pencil Review and Swatches

A few weeks ago, while browsing through the makeup section at Wal Mart, the Hard Candy Visibly Wet Lip Pencils caught my eye. I had read some not so great reviews about them but these ones looked different than what I had seen on other blogs. It appears that there are newer ones. They have been around for awhile but I had just never seen them before; the older Visibly Wet Lip Pencils were white rather than the colour of the pencil. Since they were only $4.99 Canadian each, I thought I'd try a few out since the colours were bold and eye-catching. Here are my thoughts on these pencils.

THE GOOD: They are a great price, $4.99 is quite reasonable for a product like this. The colours are very bright and have great sparkle. Applying them opaquely is very easy as they are heavily pigmented and I love the colours that I tried. Interestingly, if you look on the Hard Candy website, the product description calls them a "sheer" lip pencil. The ones I tried are DEFINITELY not sheer and cannot be applied as such.  They do live up to their "visibly wet" claim as they look really shiny on the lips. They dry down after awhile but still have that "wet" look to them. Wear time is excellent if you have the patience to let the colour dry down before you go anywhere.

THE BAD: In my opinion, these are hard to apply directly from the pencil itself. Even when sharpened, it is difficult to get a precise line around the lips as the pencil tip is too chubby (note: I hate chubby lip pencils so I am a bit biased). I used a clear lipliner (Ozone by Urban Decay) to get a nicer line but I don't like having to use a lipliner with a lip pencil as it seems rather redundant......maybe this is just me. The pencils are also hard to apply with a lip brush; the texture of the pencils is quite thick and this made the product clump up in my brush a bit which made precise application difficult. The colour range is not great as there are only 5 colours and most of them are rather loud so these will not suit anyone who prefers a more subtle lip colour. Another thing which I did not like was the "dry-down" time. The colour sat very thickly on my lips for quite some time (well over 10-15 minutes) before drying down. If you let the colour dry down, it stays on very well but it feathers quite a bit and the colour moved around just from talking if you don't. If you want these to stay put, you have to be patient which is not great if you're in hurry to get ready.

THE UGLY: These pencils burned my lips the whole time I had them on! WTF? They are not plumpers or anything, so I am not sure why my lips felt like they were on fire while I was wearing them. I experienced this with all three colours and I even tried them on two separate occasions to see if it wasn't just a fluke. It may be that I am just sensitive to an ingredient in the pencils but nothing like this has happened to me before and I don't think I can stand to wear these anywhere as the burning sensation is quite unpleasant.

THE VERDICT: These lip pencils are a great price and have amaing pigmentation and colour payoff. However, the colour range is limited to 5 bright, in your face colours that are not for everyone. The texture of these pencils is a bit thick and sticky and they take quite awhile to dry down and stay in place. They also burn my lips when I'm wearing them but this effect is likely my own issue, I'm not sure if anyone else would have this problem.


Swatches are presented in various lighting conditions for your convenience.
From top to bottom: Jezebel, Inferno, Candy Apple. Inferno is appropriately swatched as a flame, because this is how it felt upon my lips.


 A bright berry shade that has a bit of an orange base.

This colour is bright orange with a pink sparkle to it.

A true, bright red with a bit of a pink sparkle.

Has anyone else ever tried these before? Did they burn your lips as well?


  1. Eek! I'm sorry these burned your lips! But, I've gotta say, they're gorgeous... Reading your review I was thinking "ahuh, ahuh, ok, I'll avoid these" and then I got to the swatches and started thinking "Ok, I could probably swing by Walmart tomorrow and grab all three, right?" Man, I hate fussy products, but these pencils really do look lovely on you.

  2. I got one.. but mine is a shade called "Cupcake" it was one of the powder pink shades there. In the pencil it is nice and shimmery and so pretty! It looks WAY nicer in the pencil rather than on my lips.. To be honest, I NEVER wear it because it doesn't show even the slightest bit of color on my lips. But .. it never burned me.. I have used their lip plumping glosses before.. those are rather nice but again.. the color payoff is not where I would have expected it to be.

  3. Visibly Wet?! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. And they burn? Eeeeeew. Although they *are* pretty....

  4. Do you think you might be allergic to an ingredient in the products? (I've never tried these myself, but I don't think they're SUPPOSED to burn).

  5. woo those are really pigmented! I am so afraid to get one tho because I always get reactions from random makeup :/ you should take them back hun.

  6. They look really pigmented and pretty, but yikes! That doesn't sound pleasant at all. :(

  7. I have Jezebel and had the burny lip issue too! It was so weird. It lasted for 30-45 minutes? Other than that, I liked it, they slid around a bit but the color is kinda fantastic. I was about to do the review on mine, and I'll try doing a little research into the burning issue.

  8. I'm here because I was doing research on the burning issue. That happens to me too! Only the black colored pencils burn (the ones with glitter). The white colored ones don't burn. Is this normal?? Should I return them? Or just put up with the burn? I think I will write to Hard Candy and find out.

  9. I also have Jezebel and it burns the crap out of my lips. But it is so intense and beautiful, I keep putting it on thinking that I will get used to it. I really want to know why it burns, I don't have allergies. And to add one more thing, I purchased the bullet take me out liner, and it doesn't show up but it does burn just like the Jezebel liner. I really want to know why this is happening.

  10. they burned my lips too.!

  11. i got the infused with Argan & citrus oils fierce line, an YES! it burned and tingledand was unpleasant.