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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Quo Spring Goddess Palettes: Review and Swatches

It looks like spring is finally here! The weather where I live is finally starting to warm up and when that happens I feel like wearing some nice makeup colours for spring! Spring makeup is always very useful to me as it is often subtle enough that I can get away with it at work. I recently found these Spring Goddess Palettes by Quo Cosmetics (available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Murale) and I thought I would buy a couple of them and try them out. I'm always on the lookout for all in one palettes as they are convenient for travel. Here are my thoughts on these palettes.

THE GOOD: I really enjoy the packaging of these palettes. They were advertised as being "vintage beauty with a modern twist" and I think this is very true of the packaging. The colours are cute and they open up on top and a little drawer pulls out in the bottom half with a little tassel. My cats really enjoy the tassels and I really enjoy that these look rather decorative in my bathroom! I am a huge packaging whore, so any makeup that can double as decor is awesome in my book. The colours in them are light and springy and it is easy to make a complete look (minus basics such as foundation and mascara) using the palettes. They are also fairly portable and would be convenient to take along on a trip. I enjoy the combinations of eyeshadow, blush, and lipgloss colours that were chosen for each palette. The lipglosses had a nice texture and had a nice, creamy finish.

THE BAD: These palettes are fairly pricey for the quality at $29.00 Canadian each. The only reason I bought two of them was because I had a discount through some special circumstances. The eyeshadow colours were nice but were really nothing unique or special, and the pigmentation wasn't great as you can see in the swatches below. I also found them to be a bit difficult to blend and wasn't a huge fan of the texture. They aren't BAD necessarily, but they aren't anything to write home about either. The blushes were also hard to blend, but I really like the colours.

THE SILLY: The placement of the blush in the bottom drawer thing is just silly! As you can see below, my blush brush would not fit over top of it to pick up any product! Also, the palette comes with this tiny little brush that is supposedly for the blush but I can't see anyone using such a small, square shaped brush to apply their cheek colour and not coming out looking like a streaky-faced idiot stick. Anyway, I solved the problem by giving the drawer a good reef and detaching it from the box. Then I just pull it all the way out to use it.

THE VERDICT: These are great little portable palettes that can be used for some nice, work safe spring looks. They are rather pricey for the quality, however, and come with a useless "blush brush". They are nicely packaged and can even double as decor on your vanity or in your bathroom. Overall, I like them and I use them but for the quality, I wouldn't pay $29.00 for them.


Left: Quo Spring Goddess Palette in Athena.

Right: Quo Spring Goddess Palette in Theia.

THE SILLY BLUSH DRAWER...it's wrecking my brush!

I pulled out the drawers, which were glued in. Problem solved.

(I think you can see what I mean here about the not-so-great pigmentation)

Athena palette from left to right: Blush, lipgloss, and eyeshadows.

Theia palette from left to right: Blush, lipgloss, and eyeshadows.

Stay tuned for some work safe (BORING) looks with these palettes coming right up!


  1. Your review was so funny! I hate when palettes with blushes don't seem properly prepared for a blush brush being used on them. PLAN AHEAD, MAKEUP-DESIGNY PEOPLE!

    Also, you added a new phrase to my vocabulary: "streaky-faced idiot stick". =D

  2. I am totes using "idiot stick". I agree about blushes in drawers like that... it's a pain in the butt. These are cute palettes, but they do seem a bit pricey. I'm curious to see what looks you come up with using them!

  3. Cute palettes! The blushes look so pretty!