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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Biohazard Outfit and Orange Stuff

***I still can't comment on most people's blogs. When I press "comment", it logs me out. This has been occuring since Tuesday. I would really like to comment on some blogs up in here, I am bursting with comments!!!! Perhaps Blogger could fix this at some point??? GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO team Blogger!! ***

"Phase 2" of Festival Kinetik 2009 was the harsh industrial night. I got to see DYM, Life Cried, Aesthetic Perfection, Soman, God Module, Reaper, Amduscia, Grendel, and Accessory. Seeing Grendel live was awesome! I did not at all expect that they would be good live, as most of their songs have very distorted vocals and samples in them. However, the guy just gets up there and belts out all of the songs with no distortion and it sounded fantastic! The crowd was very high energy for their set and it was so much fun! The band was pretty cool, they just hung out with everyone at the festival for the whole night after their set. Another standout was Amduscia, they were awesome! (Unfortunately, one of the band members passed away last year but it seems that Amduscia is still making music.) They are from Mexico, which I thought was neat. That was one of the awesome things about Festival Kinetik, you got to see industrial bands from around the world! Here's an outfit that I wear ALL THE TIME to goth stuff; it also shows a makeup look that is simple but I use it when short on time or when I can't think of anything else.


1. Rimmel Kiss Off Lip Gloss in.....it appears to not have a name. I used this over Morange to give it some sparkle.

2. Ollllllld faiiiithful was used as eyeliner. I extended my eyeliner "wings" under my browbone and made little dots under the wing.

3. UV reactive orange glitter must be dusted upon the cleavage! Who doesn't love glowing cleavage?

4. Lit orange glitter was mixed with an eyeliner seal and used on the lower lashline. I don't really think you can see it in the pictures.

5 & 6. Kryolan UV Aquacolours in UV Orange and Yellow were blended together to get a bit of a "gradient" effect from the inner lid to the outer V.

7. MAC Morange lipstick was applied to the lips.

8. I have had these Halloween lashes for a million years and I use them all the time.

9. GLOW STICK BRACELETS, because my outfit wasn't UV reactive, except for the orange fishnets and the orange dreads. This just wouldn't do.


I often do this makeup look with one colour or another as
it is simple but it works.
What the hell is with this pose? Have another drink....

I must say, I really do love orange, especially for gothing around. Here are some of my orange "goth tools"!


1. Hot Topic UV reactive nail polish: Terrible nail polish, but it's UV reactive! I have problems.

2. Stargazer Florescent Pressed Powder in Florescent Orange: Terrible eyeshadow, but it's UV reactive! See above.

3. Manic Panic Eyeshadow in Vampire Red: I use this to deepen and blend my orange eyeshadows.

4. Hard Candy Visibly Wet Lip Pencil in Inferno: This would look SO awesome with a gothy orange look, too bad it's like an inferno on my lips! I may have to try to suffer for fashion as the colour is to die for!

5. Morgana Cryptoria vegan lipstick in Tangerine Twist: Love this colour!

6. Evil Shades Blush in Atomic: It's orange....with a blue duochrome!

7. Stargazer Florescent Pressed Powder in Florescent Rouge: It's not rouge, it's orange. See 2 above for details.

8. MAC Orange eyeshadow: The most originally named MAC eyeshadow, by far.

9. Manic Panic eyeshadow in Electric Lava: SPARKLY! ORANGE! GLOWS UNDER BLACKLIGHT!

10. Evil Shades Blush in Ravishing: It's a great orange-y blush if you want to be a bit more subtle in the cheeks department.

11. Medusa's Makeup eyeshadow in Electro Orange: Goes on well when applied wet or dry, and is UV reactive!

12.  Evil Shades Blush in Love Bites: For the most subtle peachy orange glow.

13. Kat Von D Lightening Sheer Lipgloss in Party Animal: Smells great and looks great over black or orange lipstick!

14. Medusa's Makeup eyeshadow in Electro Red: It is not red, it is orange. See 11 above.

15. Lise Watier loose eyeshadow in Folie D'Orange: I've used this as a blush or highlighter from time to time.

16. Evil Shades eyeshadow in CC41: It is SO bright, I love this shadow! It also is UV reactive. Yes, I do sit around in my spare time looking at every makeup item I own under a blacklight.

17. The Sugarpill Burning Heart Quad: SWEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!

18. Silk Naturals eyeshadow in Safety: I placed an order with Silk Naturals awhile ago, review coming soon!

19. MAC Pigment in Neo Orange: I have a love/hate relationship with this. I love the colour, but I hate that matte eyeshadows always mock me......I just can't get this one to blend properly! ARGH! I need to work on my skillz.....

20. Hot Topic UV Reactive horrible nailpolish of death.

21. OPI Atomic Orange nail polish.

Chasing bunnies!
I'd just like to say thank you to all of the lovely ladies who've been leaving such nice comments here lately! Also, thanks to my fellow Canadian KittenMittens from Painted for giving me a shout-out on her blog! Go check out her lovely blending skills and a delicious sounding recipe for Chick Pea Salad! YUM!


  1. Wooooooooooooo
    I love orange, and I love your weird pose!

    I have a drugstore UV polish top coat that is horrible but I always make all my friends use it before we go out hahaha!

    I have no idea how I survived before I got the burning heart quad!

  2. Ahhh you looked awesome! I have a sample of Atomic blush but foolishly haven't tried it yet! What on earth is that bunny doing there???

  3. Not gonna lie, I'm not a huge fan of orange, though it does look very nice on you! =D

  4. I have a soft spot for orange makeup too. I picked up Concrete Mineral's Napalm recently and ended up in orange heaven :) LOVE the orange dreads too!

  5. I love how in the last makeup picture, the Sugarpill quad looks completely wimpy and un-bright. :D hehe. Love it.

  6. What you did with your outfit: awesome. What you did with your legs: adorable. You win. I love the whole look/hair/outfit all together :)

  7. What the hell is that bunny doing there? haha it looks terrified. Your outfit looks awesome as usual, I wish I had somewhere to dress up like that around here!

  8. Aww tanks lady :)
    I <3 your lists of stuff mucho. It's like a sweet way of seeing what's in your stash, sorted by awesomeness :) I had no flipping clue there was a mac shadow just called "orange" hahahaha. Oh those crafty buggers. Speaking of more orange, have you tried Morgana's Shrieking Orange lipstick? Tis love. And your wicked awesome butterfly tattoo puts my piece of crap to shame lol

  9. You look freaking amazing! I love all the orange!