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Friday, May 27, 2011

Black and Silver Geisha Goth

~So yeah, I STILL can't comment on anybody's blog that uses a Blogger comment system. This has been going on since Monday. This is very irritating. Also, it seems that not everyone is affected by this, as my blog has a Blogger comment system and I'm still getting comments. I wonder if they will fix this ever, it says on their "help" page that they've known about it since Tuesday, figure it out already!~

"Phase 3" of Festival Kinetik 2009 was dedicated to noise. I've never been a huge noise fan, so the evening was very interesting as I got to listen to some fresh, new music that I don't usually indulge in such as Adversary, Cervello Elettronico, Mimetic, Architect, Iszoloscope, Synapscape, Imminent, Noisex, Winterkalte, andCaustic. I don't know why, but thinking of noise music made me think of black and silver so that was the theme I went with that night.


1. Medusa's Makeup Body Shimmer in Ghostly: used for dusting over the chest and shoulders.

2. Nars Night Breed: I use this all the time for my goth looks as it is a sparkly black eyeshadow.

3. Old Faithful was used as eyeliner.

4. My eyeshadow look was created using the Jane Cosmetics Quad in Chicago. I also used some of the silver eyeshadows for some contour lines on my face.

5. Lise Watier Precious Eyeliner in Silver and Black: The silver eyeliner was used.

6. L'oreal HIP pigment stick in Dazzling: I have no idea where I got this and I've never seen it in stores after I got it. I wasn't even sure what to do with this when I found it in my makeup kit and was like, "Where the hell did this come from?" I screwed around with it a bit, and now it is a regular participant in my goth makeup. I break off a chunk of it, mix it with water, and use it as a lipcolour.

7. Elise fake eyelashes: I have a bunch of these, and I think I got them in Vancouver. I've never seen this brand anywhere else but I think they were cheap, which is why I bought a bunch. The pair I was wearing for this look are dramatic lashes with little feathers on the ends.

8. Ardell Demi Lashes in 102 Black: These are SO OLD. I have had these for a million years. I used them on my bottom lashes.

9. MAC Lipmix in Black: This is the best black lip product I've ever tried. It paints on wet, you can blend it, and then it dries down to a lovely finish and it DOES NOT MOVE. You can have some beverages and dance around and do whatever, you will have perfect black lips all night long. I used it in the middle of my lips here.


Uh, please excuse the excessive boob in the above pictures. A lot of goth clothing companies don't really make their clothes to accommodate ladies who are larger in the chest area.

Dress: Plastik Wrap (They're Canadian!)

Boots: Demonia

Hair Chopsticks: I made these as my dress had little silver dragons all over it and I was going for a slightly geisha-inspired theme. I'm wearing them in the first picture.

Sleeves: By me.

Dreadfalls: I made them. Since somebody asked about hair stuff in a comment earlier and I am unable to comment on other blogs or reply to comments right now (THANKS BLOGGER!) I'll just post it here I guess. I get all of my Cyberlox and hair for dread making from I Kick Shins. Their customer service is excellent and you can get any supplies for fake hair that you need. There is a HUGE selection of materials (different dread hair materials, flat crin, cyberlox, rexlace, clip in extensions, everything)! Also, if you don't know how to make your own, you can order custom dreadfalls, Cyberlox falls, and pretty much anything else you should need. Another website from which you can get supplies, but not custom falls, is Doctored Locks. I personally prefer I Kick Shins.

Hopefully Blogger is fixed soon. Is anyone else having this problem?


  1. I know what you mean about a lot of clothing companies not accommodating larger chests. I have DD's and they just... yeah.

    Also, I Kick Shins is an awesome name for a business. xD

  2. I'm with you ladies boob-wise, as well. I'm slightly larger than I should be, proportionally, and everything is very chesty. I don't mind for going out stuff, but I would like to be able to buy a shirt you can't see sideboob in. Anyway, you look gorgeous as always. I'm dying for an underbust corset.

  3. Teeheee we're all booberific :)
    Have you tried logging into the blogger draft site instead of normal blogger? I didn't know it existed until like 6 months after I started the blog>> http://draft.blogger.com/home
    Also AWESOME OUTFIT/LOOK! lovelovelove it!

    *side note, my word verification was "scrotora" sounds like a sack disease or a place were broken testicles go to heaven. :D

  4. I'm in love with this series of posts that you're doing. Your outfits are FUCKING AMAZING :) also never apologize for that boobage! Enjoy all that booby for the rest of us that can't because we have none! :(

  5. Love the makeup, love the hair, love the outfit! Oh and trying to find clothes to fit the Uber boobs....I gave up and let the boobs fall where they may! lol

  6. Yeah I have the same boob problems, even when I make my own clothes I often end up falling out of certain styles :/
    You look fantastic. I used to have a Lip Service gothy Geisha dress that I loved. Ahhh.
    I need to try the Mac Lip Mixes now!

  7. LOVE plastic wrap but don't own any as I mostly love the dresses and dresses look dumb if you're always sitting down (like me being in a wheelchair) So going to look into the lip mix.
    I'm usually not a black lip person but those look great on you!

  8. wow, just simply wow ! I love your goth looks !

  9. Omg all of your looks are so amazing... 0_0 Yeah, blogger has been sucking dick lately! It's irritating! Lol I don't really have boobage, but my hips are the issue... I have such massive friggin hips, nothing made for slim little gothy bodies fits my ghetto booty. ;)

  10. there can never be excessive boobs, just saying. looks INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!! wow, i love this

  11. I haven't had a problem commenting on blogger... just the usual problem of GFC subscriptions not showing up in my google reader... *kicks*

    I LOVE YOUR HAIR STICKS!! I've never thought to really get decorate-y with mine, but they really do kick the falls into high gear!

  12. Boob. Never apologise for the boob. I feel your pain though. You look awesome!

  13. Dude, you look amazing! And I agree with RaeRae, never apologize!

  14. Gorgeous! I looove your cyber style. ♥

    Jonna xx

  15. Awesome Awesome Awesome! The costumer in me was all over the dreadfalls description...

  16. You look amazing!!!!! I have a Plastik Wrap dress that i adore..its the longer version of yours but with duotone fabric panels on the dress. Sadly i cant wear it cos my boobs are now too big!