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Monday, May 23, 2011

Gothy Polishes!

I never really do any nail polish posts on this blog because my nails really suck and no one would want to see them. I used to be a huge nail biter (gross, I know) and then I got over it but when I study I often catch myself doing it unconsiously so my nails have looked terrible throughout school. I'm always super jealous of the fabulous nails I see on polish blogs! I do like to paint my nails for going goth clubbing, even if they are short and crappy looking. Here are some of my favourite darker polishes to go along with my goth outfits!

1. OPI Alpine Snow: It's not dark, obviously, but it's a great colour for adding accents to your dark nails!

2. Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Polish in Canary Diamond Chrome: It goes on metallic! Also a great accent colour.

3. Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamel in Black Star: This one's black with sublte silver sparkles. I bought it because my OPI Black Onyx (plain black) ran out and I didn't feel like spending $11 for a nail polish so I kind of just grabbed this one. However, this nail polish sucks. It chips really easily, even with a topcoat. I will soon be going out to spend $11......

4. MAC Baby Goth Girl: This is a super neat black colour with a kind of purpley-gold shine and large glitter flakes! If you're getting sick of black, this colour is a nice change!

5. Gosh Nail Lacquer in Gasoline: This looks awesome when worn as a topcoat over black!

6. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Colour in Wined Up: This polish goes on a lot darker than it looks in the picture; it's a lovely blackened, metallic red. The Insta-Dri nail polishes have quite a decent formula for an inexpensive nail polish, I quite enjoy them.

7. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Colour in Night Flight: This one is a really dark blue that looks almost black. Another nice alternative if you're getting a bit sick of black. Also, it dries way quicker than OPI so when I'm in a hurry, I often use this one instead of my OPI Black Onyx.

8. OPI Russian Navy: This is a really great colour, it's a dark navy blue with some purple shine to it.

9. OPI Ink: I use this one as a topcoat for wearing over black nails; it has purple and blue sparkles in it.

10. OPI Lincoln Park After Dark: This one's a dark, red-toned purple. This is a nice colour to wear when you want dark nails but black may not be appropriate. A dark purple can seem a bit more sophisticated.

11. OPI Bogota Blackberry: This is another blackened, metallic red but it's a bit lighter than Sally Hansen Wined Up.

12. La Femme Beauty Nail Varnish in Ultra Violet: My UV reactive topcoat. You can put it over any colour and it will glow under black light. The only bad thing about it is that it's not 100% clear like a regular topcoat, it has a bit of a purple tinge to it so it can throw off your nail polish colour a bit.

So anyway, I am hugely makeup obsessed but not particularly nail obsessed so I don't know too much about nail polish brands. Does anyone have any recommendations for nail polish brands that wear as well as OPI but don't cost as much? Any awesome colour recommendations?


  1. Sinful Colors! They're usually about $1.99 each, come in tons of fun colors, and usually wear really well (with a good top coat, anyway). And they're available at most drugstores :)

  2. Oops, remembered that you are in Canada. I think you can buy them online, too, if they are not in your drugstores.

  3. I've seen some Sinful Colours stocked in London Drugs. I haven't tried them yet (I get suckered into China Glaze)

    I very much <3 China Glaze. Hair places like Chatters usually stock them and I think they are $7 compared to the $10 OPI usually is. The crackles are $10 methinks though. Still cool looking if you want a trashy looking manicure which I totally do so I have 4 shades :D

    And OPI Ink rocks!

  4. Like Larie, I adore Sinful Colors!

  5. YES Sinful Colours are awesome. I have a great purple from them. They aren't as good as OPI tho.
    China Glaze, OPI, Zoya and Colour Club are all pretty cheap on ebay. It's about $20 AUD for a bottle of OPI here so I always buy online

  6. Best wear and great Gothling shades, my list:
    China Glaze
    BB Couture
    Wet n Wild (The best one coat black on earth)

  7. 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 are gorgeous :) i was like obsessed with dark nails last year. there's a pretty black by opi for sephora with multicolored flecks in it, you'd probably like it :) 212-Sephora is the name


  8. I second Wet n' Wild! They carried me through my goth days. They still stay on better than a lot of pricier brands. I just ordered some Zoya, though. I'm eager to try it after all the hype! I work with my hands a lot so most stuff doesn't stay on more than 6 hours lol. I don't really wear dark colors too much, these days. I'm going through a hot pink and glitter phase.

  9. OPI is my favorite go to. But the other brands do wear well-- it just takes more coats. Like Wet n Wild. It wears well, but takes more coats. I purchased a Revlon color I really love but it took so much to get on that I probably wouldn't recommend it. I've also been trying weird brands when I see them based on their color just for kicks (especially if they're a buck or around a buck per bottle ;) )