A Closeted Goth Girl Trying to Make it in the Professional World

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Think I Hear a Closet Door Opening...........

Now that my time as a University student has come to an end, save for my licensing and law exams in the next couple of weeks, I've been thinking a lot about how much I have had to change things in order to get to this point. Specifically, I am referring to my appearance. I really miss having colourful hair and being able to dress in the gothy/punky style that I used to. I do like to dress up and wear nice clothes and I do try to keep some punk or goth style elements in my outfits in very sublte ways, but it's just not the same. Don't get me wrong, I'm a grown adult and have gotten over the fact that sometimes dressing in certain ways works against you and can even be inappropriate but I just miss being able to do whatever the f*ck I want, you know? It kind of sucks being a closeted goth as I don't have many occasions to come out of my closet as there is no goth scene where I currently reside so I only get to really goth it up now on trips to other cities. I guess that's part of getting old and having a job mostly that mostly employs very conservative persons.

Another thing I am crabby about at the moment is how I often have to miss out on stuff that I like doing due to spending all of my money and time on school. For instance, right now I am broke from paying for school until my job starts in July (they don't let you work in a student/intern position anymore after school is over) and my licensing exams are next week so I am missing (for the third time) my beloved Festival Kinetik. For those of you who don't know, Festival Kinetik is a huge goth/industrial/EBM/noise festival that takes place at this time each year in the fantastic city of Montreal, Quebec. I was actually able to go in 2009 and it was my favourite trip ever! There are usually 4 to 5 days ,or "phases" as they call them, for different types of music.

Anyway, enough of the crabbiness, as there are excellent things ahead! In 2 more weeks, NO MORE EXAMS AND STUDYING! In one more month, I will be moving to a new city....a city with a goth scene! In one more year, there will be another Festival Kinetik and I shall hopefully be able to get time off work and have the funds to go!

Because I am sitting here being completely distracted by visions of industrial music dancing in my head rather than studying, I thought I would put together a few posts with my old pictures from festival in 2009 and share some of the makeup that I used for the pictures. I will also be sharing some of my favourite "go-to" makeup products for creating goth looks. Finally, I shall be sharing some goth makeup pictures from a SUPER SWEET concert I attended last week!

Unflattering picture of the day!
Click here to check out this year's Festival Kinetik website!


  1. Congrats! So looking forward to it. =D

  2. Yay, hopefully you can open up more in the new town! I go through a lot of bullshit here from the conservative people, and I get harrassed and followed out of work, but I guess I'm just too stubborn to change for them, so I completely know how you feel. :/ Things will get better though. :)

  3. So this post is way old. who knows if youll read this. BUT... since im being a total fangirl and reading all of your old posts when a new one isnt up yet, i thought id take the time to say "I KNOW!RIGHT?!" ... i am a "normal job holder in the adult world where goth isnt acceptable" annnd i have kids so the amount of mourning i feel over the lost years of going dancing every weekend and dressing in full goth attire on a daily basis.... right there with you! (Dont get me wrong, love my kids and i like my profession but the world needs to accept that "gothic" people can adult competently too!) Thanks for the inspiring posts!