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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guest Post: MAC Wonder Woman Collection

Here is a guest post from my friend Tash! You may have seen her in some of my "hot mess" posts and she's the lady responsible for sewing my pink and black goth outfit! Since she purchased a bunch of stuff from MAC Wonder Woman and I skipped the collection, I asked her to do a post for me! Here it is:

The makeup I used from the Wonder Woman Mac line was:

-"Wonder Woman" lipglass

-"Marine Ultra" pigment

-"Reflects Bronze" reflects glitter

-"Obey Me" nail laquer

-"Spirit of Truth" nail laquer

The other makeup stuff I used was:

- Mac prep + prime skin base

- Mac liquid foundation

-Arbonne blush in "Taffeda"

-L'oreal (stilletto) black eyeliner

-Lise Watier liquid transformer

Now the part you've been waiting for- the review!

Disclaimer: I am not a makeup artist or even an aspiring makeup artist. I usually look like a mess when I go out so I don't know if I would even take my own advice regarding makeup. Continue at your own discretion.

I love the packaging but it is definitely an acquired (nerdy) taste. There are outside slip covers with a picture of Wonder Woman on them and then inside the makeup is contained in a red box with blue and white stripes lining the inside. I enjoy that they actually teamed up with DC comics to do the artwork on the boxes and to match the makeup colours to ones used in the comic. I agree with V_B that the Wonder Woman logo doesn't match with all of the makeup colours showing through but it does match with the products that I bought, just not with the other lipglasses and blushes. Maybe they could have just done it in black and white to make it still look classy and match?

I usually just buy cheap crap nail polish so I was pretty impressed with the Mac nail lacquer. It went on thick enough with one coat and is looking good several days later, although I put a top coat on a few days after I applied it. "Obey Me" is a pretty light/ orangeish red and looks kind of prostitute-esque so it may not be super classy to wear to work but I still dig it. I love "Spirit of Truth" as it is a very dark blue and I rarely see this colour. Both colours are flat colours (not a lot of sheen) which make them look cartooney but you can add some top coat to fix that if you dislike it.

I put very little of the "Wonder Woman" lipglass on in the first pictures as I was going to the grocery store and didn't want to look like I was turning tricks at Superstore. I put it on more heavily after but it still wasn't as bright as it looked in the container. I haven't tried Mac lipglass before so maybe this is the point of lipglass, to be more like a gloss than a lipstick(?). I actually like that because I'm not a huge fan of lipsticks but I was expecting it to be a lot brighter. It isn't sticky and it feels good to wear but I can't say it lasts very long (although I was drinking so it was probably rubbing off on my glass) and it doesn't have super even coverage.

The "Marine Ultra" pigment was probably my least favorite of the products that I bought but this is possibly because I am not an experienced makeup user and didn't know exactly what to do with a pigment. I essentially just applied it as I would eyeshadow. I didn't really like the colour of the pigment and it took a lot of pigment to make it stand out. When blended with black eyeliner the colour looked better but it kind of disappeared. If worn in excess/ without blending this colour could make you look like a hussy.

I love the bronze glitter and I'm not at all a fan of gold (although I dropped the container in my bathroom and it was quite a pain in the anoose to clean up, but it's totally not Mac's fault that I am coorinatedly challenged). I love how it looked with my skin tone and red lipglass and the sparkles were really vibrant and stood out, even after some blending.

I mixed the glitter with a bit of transformer before applying with an eyeshadow sponge. It stayed on all night and I didn't have sparkles all over my face by the end of the night like I often do with glitters! I also tend to rub my eyes a lot when intoxicated and it held up to the test of my drunkification!

In summary, I pretty much just bought this makeup because I'm a big fan of Womder Woman, and had planned to go as her for Halloween this upcoming year so I figured it was a must. I really enjoy the lipglass, glitter, and nailpolish although wearing it all at once was a lot of bright colour for me. I have no idea how to wear the "Marine Ultra" pigment so if any of you experienced makeup people would like to inform me of a good way to apply the stuff without looking like I'm working a corner or having it disappear completely , I'm all ears!

I thought I'd also include a few quotes from emails from Tash because they made me laugh:

"I spilt the gold glitter all over my freaking bathroom while trying to take pictures... good times trying to clean that shit up just before going out... "

"I'm finally done the Wonder Woman makeup blog you requested! Fuck, is it ever hard to take a picture of your own face, I feel your pain now. It's especially to show sparkles how they actually look. Attached is a better picture of the blue nail polish, I was kind of in a hurry the first time due to having to clean up all those freaking gold sparkles. I looked like Gold Member - it was all over me, even in my hair! "


  1. Your friend is really gorgeous!

    This collection was not my favorite in terms of packaging, so I just decided to skip.

  2. LOL! What a hilarious review! "Didn't want to look like I was turning tricks at the Superstore." lmao! Really great reviews. I love the red nails! A better way to make the pigment show and to last is with a primer. My fav is MAC Painterly. Apply a good amount on this but pat it in don't rub, you want it to be a little tacky so that the pigment sticks. LOVED the glittery eyes! Too bad it was spilled all over, but bathroom must have looked pretty.;)

  3. lmao love the last quotes! As for Marine Ultra, blues scare the crap out of me for fear of looking like a street walker, especially ones that shade, aquas are less evil, so I'm no help for figuring how to best the bastardo.
    And that's a sweeeeet lip piercing!