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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Glamour Doll Eyes Review and Swatches

A couple of months ago, I placed an order with Glamour Doll Eyes as I had read many excellent reviews of their products on several different blogs. I tried out some eyeshadows and two of their Glamour Glosses. Read on to see what I thought of them.


The Glamour Doll Eyes website looks awesome! It's colourful and I personally enjoy the style in which it was designed. The website has changed since I placed this order and it looks re-vamped and professional. It's pretty easy to navigate the site and find what you're looking for. The colour descriptions for the eyeshadows are pretty accurate, and I really like how they show a picture of the eyeshadow, swatches of the eyeshadow, and often even a picture of someone WEARING the eyeshadow. As for the Glamour Glosses, I feel that the product descriptions and photos are not very accurate at all. Pictures of the glosses make them appear more opaque when in real life they are very sheer. They DO have swatch pictures of the glosses, but even these were rather misleading in my opinion. The swatches of the two glosses that I purchased (Haute and Fashionista) seem a lot more pigmented than the gloss that I received. The picture shown for Haute was REALLY off, it looked like a semi-opaque bright red gloss with an orange sheen when in real life it is a sheer, bright orange. Haute has not been listed for sale on the website since I ordered so I am not sure if it will be available again. A good point about the website is that ingredients, vegan info, and lip safety info are all listed clearly under each product. One thing to note about GDE is that some of their eyeshadows are unblended which means that the colours were not created by the company. If you would prefer to not purchase unblended colours, it is easy to avoid them as this information is listed under the product description for each eyeshadow. Also, unblended colours have a * next to them for easy identification. I appreciate the honesty of this company as everything is very clear on their website. They even have a page of the bloggers that they "sponsor" so you know who they are affiliated with. Ordering from their website is easy and since you make an account with them, they know which eyeshadows and samples you have received so you will never get doubles, which is nice. I had no problems with ordering or customer service. My order was mailed promptly and shipping was fast.


I purchased: 2 Glamour Glosses, 2 full size eyeshadows, and one 6 colour eyeshadow tower: the Chelsey tower.


Hmmmm, how shall I put this, um.........I LOVE THE PACKAGING!!! The labels look professional and stylish and I love the look of them! Even the free samples have cute packaging....you've got to love that kind of attention to detail! The labels on the TOP of the eyeshadows and on the glosses are water-resistant (shiny, not just paper) which is good for me as I tend to wreck labels. The labels on the bottom of the eyeshadows are not so water resistant but they contain the name of the eyeshadow as well as vegan and lip safety information. They do not contain any ingredient information. I enjoy the fact that on the website, you can choose whether or not you want sifter jars when ordering as some people prefer these and others do not. You can also order eyeshadow towers containing 3 to 6 colours. ****EDIT: It seems that the towers are no longer available on the Glamour Doll Eyes website.**** My orders were packaged securely in bubble mailers and I had no issues with leakage of product. One thing to note is that if you order lip gloss and eyeshadows, they will be mailed separately. I received several pretty business cards as well as a pretty pamphlet with information and tutorials along with my order.






The following prices are in USD. Full size eyeshadows are $6.00 (sifter jars: 1.5-2 g of product; non-sifter jars: 2-2.5 g of product). Sample baggies (0.5g of product) are $1.25 and sample jars (1g of product in a 5g jar) are $2.50. Glamour Glosses are $6.00 and shipping is free worldwide on orders over $30. I feel that the pricing for their products is reasonable.


Let's start with the glamour glosses!

THE GOOD: I love the smell and texture, and taste of these! They are not sticky and apply smoothly. You can detect a slight sweet flavour when wearing them which is something I like but I do know that not everyone does so keep this in mind. The packaging is very nice and I like the colours that I picked. Also, Fashionista (the pink one) glows under UV-light! Sweet!

THE BAD: These glosses were a lot more sheer than I was expecting. They look nice on and have sparkles in them, but being that they are so sheer, the colour is quite subtle. The sparkles also don't really jump out at you. Judging by the pictures on the website, I was expecting these colours to be a lot more "in your face", if you will.  The gloss wore off fairly quickly as well (I got approximately 2 to 3 hours of wear before they were mostly worn off). I suppose that is not BAD per se, but I've had better.

THE VERDICT: If you are looking for a nice, sheer, flavoured gloss,  these are pretty good. If you're looking for dramatic, opaque, or unique colours, you should probably look somewhere else.


LEFT: Fashionista RIGHT: Haute


LEFT: Fashionista RIGHT: Haute


On to the eyeshadows!

THE GOOD: I really enjoy the colours of all of the eyeshadows I picked. They are GORGEOUS!! I also enjoy how there are a variety of different "finishes" available; some are metallic, some are shiny, some are sparkly, and some are matte. I also loved the packaging and the naming! Some notable favourites are Tattooed, Hot Mess (OH YES!), Bruised, and Graves in May (I DIE FOR THAT NAME!!!) Ladies Night has blue sparkles in it and it's texture makes it an excellent choice for mixing with an eyeliner seal/foiling medium and using it as an opaque, black, sparkly eyeliner. The textures of Aqua Foil, Dirty Jeans, and Jailbreak were very nice and they applied smoothly. The pigmentation and adhesion of the eyeshadows were all excellent.

THE BAD: I have read so many great things about this company so I am surprised to say that I did not really like the texture of some of the eyeshadows, especially those in the Chelsey tower. (Please note that as far as I can see, the eyeshadow towers are not available any more on their website.) I found that some of the more sparkly eyeshadows such as Bruised, Pistol Pistol, Graves in May and Tattooed were rather gritty and I experience "drag" rather than "slip" when I try to apply and blend them. They tend to "bald" quite a bit when blending on the eyelid. I am not a fan of the texture of Ladies Night either; it is one of those chunky, almost moist black shades and it tends to be very messy.

THE UGLY: I found unblended chunks of colour in a couple of the shades. I am usually not to picky about this with independent companies unless it interferes with product application but in two cases, it did. Graves in May can be seen below in my swatch pictures. When I swatched it the first time, it came out rather matte and pinkish. It didn't look the way I was expecting it to so I swatched it again. This time I got a lot of sparkles as there was a chunk of sparkley stuff and the colour looked a lot more purple as there were chunks of purple. It's not a huge difference, but it's definitely noticeable in my swatches below. I don't like when a colour doesn't apply consistently between uses. Tattooed also had visible unblended chunks in it. When I used it as the main colour for a look, it appeared much more blue on one of my eyes due to small chunks of an unblended blue ingredient. Also, these shadows do not even come close to passing my Weekday Test (please see my disclaimer/Boring Crap Alert page for more info about my tests). When I use these on my lids over UDPP and MAC Paint pot, they crease in about 3 to 4 hours. I have very few eyeshadows that crease quickly on me so this is disappointing. Please note that this issue may be due to the eyeshadows not being compatible with the primer and base that I use.

THE VERDICT: The eyeshadows have excellent pigmentation and adhesion and I love the names and colours. However, I do not enjoy the texture of many of them and they crease rather quickly on me.

Presented in different lighting conditions for your discerning eyes. All swatches are done on bare skin.


From left to right: Jailbreak, Dirty Jeans, Bruised, Graves in May, Graves in May again. Note the difference in appearance between the two Graves in May swatches.


From left to right: Family Secret, Aqua Foil, Pistol Pistol, Ladies Night, Tattooed. Hot Mess.

Please note that Hot Mess is an Eyelight (glitter), not an eyeshadow. It ws swatched over UDPP so it would stick to my arm.

Closeup of Bruised to show how pretty and sparkly it is!

Would I repurchase from Glamour Doll Eyes again? I'm kind of on the fence. I see a lot of eyeshadows that I really like under their "Collections" section. However, I am kind of disappointed in the products I got. I enjoy the glosses, but they aren't anything too special. The eyeshadows crease on me so quickly that I don't wear them that often as I don't want to look like a hot mess. They seem to work well for others, but I simply had no luck with them.

DISCLAIMER: All reviewed products were purchased by me. Any questions? Click on the tab that says Boring Crap Alert to view my full disclaimer.


  1. I've heard mixed reviews about GDE products, so I have been hesitant to make a purchase even though all the products look beautiful. Since your review of the eyeshadows (my favorite part of makeup!) has been less than excellent, I don't think I will be purchasing from this company. Thanks for the review!

  2. Oh my lord, why the glosses under blacklight? It looks like I'm looking at a bacteria culture, haha.

    I've looked at the Glamour Doll Eyes site a few times, but have not yet been moved to order yet. I'll keep this review in mind when the mood hits.

  3. Aww I was hoping the glosses would be opaque :/

  4. Ha ha, I love it when you get the blacklight out :D Excellent review! I hear a lot about GDE, but not from bloggers I 'know,' so I was always curious. Will probably skip them now to be honest... shame because I do like the tower idea!

  5. I kind of love the gloss under black light and that it looks like (as someone else put it) a bacteria culture. I was going to say little white sprinkles myself, lol. Too bad about the inconsistency of the shadows, though. I actually like the color choices on the tower a lot,

  6. Everything looks a bit 'meh' to me, except for that gloss under UV! Wow! Hehe :)

  7. I'm going to second all the comments so far, nothing really peaked my interest, so thank you for the frank and honest review.

    That UV light though, WHAAAAAAA?

  8. The black light is crazzzy! It looks like you have little worms crawling on your lips (that is really gross, sorry) ANYWAY. Shame about the gritty texture and blending issues. It's always a bit disconcerting when that happens but thanks for the really detailed review! I will have to reconsider purchasing from this company.

  9. Your mixed review on GDE is not alone. That's why I haven't ordered yet.

  10. I'm kind of right there with you on this brand. I have several because I purchased during their customer appreciation sale last year, and there are some that I really like and some that I never touch. I really like all the ones I have from the Twilight collection (even though I kinda hate Twilight) and I also really like "My Belle." I had the same issue with "Drag Queen" that you had with "Graves in May," though.

  11. Those glosses look great on you!

  12. I'm also a "meh" person. I bought a stacker and I think I only used it once. I really gotta blog sale my stuff outta here already!

  13. LOVE how those glosses look under the blacklight! I ordered last year and the glosses I got all look practically clear on my lips, so I was really disappointed. The shadows were quite nice, though the mattes near enough fell off my eyes.