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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Quest for Presentable Nails Continues....

Don't you just love how Blogger put the PUBLISH button right next to the SAVE button? That is annoying.

ANYWAY, I have been working on growing my nails and taking better care of them. I am fairly happy with how things are progressing. Thanks to some great suggestions by fellow bloggers, I have found a base coat that I am happy with (I have been using one called Gelous, thanks to a suggestion from Wendy of Turtle Beauty) but I have not been able to find a new top coat yet as the Sally Beauty Supply conveniently located right by my place of residence (SWEET) is a complete mess and I can't find anything and the people who work there are rude (NOT SWEET). I must keep looking around. I'm still using my Nicole By OPI topcoat and it is not very good. Anyway, here is a bit of a nail progress report. I've been having some fun trying out a couple of brands of nail polish that I have never tried before.

OPI All The Berry Best To You with Nicole Texture Coat in Black Texture

My nails were starting to get longer here. I need to be a bit more careful with cleaning up the skin around the nails. I have been looking at tutorials on this type of thing and it has been helpful. This "texture coat" stuff was really weird but I had to try it as crackle polishes are the big thing these days. To be honest, they kind of remind me of when they were cool the first time and I was 13 or something so this look feels kind of  90's-ish to me. The Nicole polish did not just crackle but it actually dried raised off of the nail for a feelable texture. Feelable isn't a word. Textured nails are weird. I want shiny, smooth nails. I do not like this Texture Coat. I've been up since 5:30 am today, and this may be a factor in the poor coherence of this post.

China Glaze Tempest

Slowly but surely, my nails are getting longer. My right hand is suffering a bit more than my left hand (pictured) as I broke off both my index and middle finger nails awhile back. The polish on my right index finger also takes a beating as I am right-handed. I think the Gelous base coat is helping my nails to break less as they feel stronger when I wear it. It also helps my nail polish last longer. Tempest is pretty neat. It has different sheens in different lighting. I wish it were darker.

OPI Russian Navy with OPI Ink


OPI Russian Navy is one of my favourie polishes. I hate navy blue, but Russian Navy is dark blue with kind of a pink shine to it. I love black nail polish but it can get boring so this is a colour I use to change it up but still have dark nails. I use OPI Ink as a topcoat over stuff all the time; it has great dark blue and purple sparkles in it and it always really adds to whatever colour I put it over. I have had some cuticle issues despite trying to push them around with some kind of stick-thinger and moisturizing them with vitamin E. I think I need to be a bit more committed to my moisturizing routine.

Orly Goth and Sally Hansen Nail Effects in Misbehaved

This is my first attempt at doing something a little bit "interesting" with my nails. I enjoy the "accent nail" idea that I have seen on various nail blogs. I thought that this would be a better use for my Sally Hansen Nail Effects in Miss Behaved than doing my all of my fingers in this pattern. I could give my very uneducated opinion on this product if anyone is interested. I have Orly Goth on the rest of my fingers (I just had to buy it because it is called goth, I am super lame). It is black with different sizes of sliver glitter in it. I am not happy with the shapes of some of my nails as I am still practicing doing different shapes. I have learned to use a crystal nail file and to FILE WITH POLISH ON! This is a great tip I learned from Evil Angel's tutorials.

In summary, I am pretty happy with my nails, I have NEVER in my LIFE had nails this long and I've never been good about keeping them nicely done. I don't have that much time to do them so sometimes I unfortunately sport some ratty polish, but it just cannot be helped. I am finding it hard to type and do certain things as I am not used to having them this long.

To end this post, I thought I'd round up some of the ways in which I tend to ruin my nails......

10 Great Places and Ways to Break Your Nails or Wreck Your Nail Polish:
1) When using tabs to open cans of diet Coke with lime such that I might mix up a delicious drink.
2) When using free weights at the gym.
3) On broken door latches that people you work with forget to tell you about and then laugh when you exclaim "I BROKE A NAIL!" (actually I broke TWO)
4) When snagging them on razor blades when shaving my legs.
5) On zippers on clothes and bags.
6) On the hooks and eyes that are used for doing up bras.
7) On the various laces, zippers, hooks, studs, spikes, etc. that are involved in goth clothing and goth footwear.
8) When installing dreadfalls.
9) When opening shrink-wrapped containers of eyeshadow.
10) While helping my significant other fix the car. (RIGHT AFTER I DID MY NAILS!!!)

What are some of the ways that you tend to break/ruin your nails?


  1. ugh I HATE the crackle stuff too, it kinda looks like you mess ur nails up when you use it..ya know? That Orly stuff is sooooo pretty it's scary! I LOVE it!!! where can you buy it at? -I have pretty strong nails that are just naturally pretty healthy so I love them :) -when you grow your nails out since you like the black/red combo I think maybe you could give yourself french tips with that combo, I've done it and love it! BTW I'm not some creeper I found you through black hair, red lips' blog :)

  2. Oh man, I also hate crackle. It perpetually looks like your polish is starting to chip. Very unglamorous! Love the look with Misbehaved on the ring finger. I just tried Laced Up... didn't last as long as I'd hoped for (I didn't even get to take pictures before it was a chipping mess :(...)But it was really gorgeous while it lasted, so I'm not completely turned off of these. I break my nails on razors like you do (so glad I have nails whenever that happens!) and from typing... blah! I always break them at work where I don't have a file and then they split awfully.

  3. I JUST broke a corner off a thumb nail the other night undoing a bra. SO ANNOYING. Luckily it wasn't my photo hand, haha. :)

  4. Russian Navy and Orly Goth are beautiful! I used to bite my nails as a kid, and then I played piano, so it isn't until college that I started painting my nails again. Now, though, I rock climb as a hobby, and that really does a number on your nails!

  5. crackle nail polishes aren't my thing at all... as soon as everyone and their moms start doing it, I steer away... I'm getting that way with the accent nail too, though I'm wearing that type of manicure now haha... I love the navy polishes, I think they are so much more interesting than plain black. I think I might get me that Russian Navy... I'm secretly obsessed with products that are "Russian" :)

  6. Nice and shining nails to attract one and all...I really love to do up my nails to complete the look of the day.

  7. Tempest just looks amazing on your nails!!

  8. Tempest. Tempest wins. ALSO: additional ways to fuck over nails. Switching fishing lures (hello swivel, I'm ready for you to fuck my nails up!), doing any sort of home construction (ha ha, who knew I could break a nail using a screw driver?!), fixing the kitchen sick (hell, any plumbing), trying to peel off stickers from products that have been on since the ice age (wtf, WAI?), and/or playing with your cute furry animal friends. Damn you animal friends. There's some more for your list. ;)