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Sunday, August 7, 2011

SoBe Botanicals Product Reviews and Swatches

Quite awhile ago, I was lucky enough to win a giveaway on Phyrra's blog featuring Sobe Botanicals. The giveaway was for 3 full sized eyeshadows of my choice as well as a full size DuoChrome blush of my choice. The owner of the company emailed me so I could tell her my choices and she also very generously let me choose one of their perfumes to try! On top of that, when I received my package, there was also a full size cheek and lip colour included! I thought it was very generous of the owner to do this and I have been enjoying all of my new Sobe products.


Nicely done!


Clockwise from upper left corner: Nocturne perfume, DuoChrome Blush in Nouveau, Lip and Cheek Color in Metallique, eyeshadows in Sugar Plum Fairy, Havok, and Zen Fire.

I thought that I would do product reviews on the things I received rather than a full review. I only do full reviews of companies (including customer service, comparison to how colours look on the website, and that kind of thing) if I have actually purchased products from the company with my own funds. "My own funds?" Did I just say that? Wow, that sounded horribly pretentious yet awkward at the same time. I guess that's what the DELETE key is for. ANYWAY, on to some product reviews!


THE GOOD: The eyeshadows I chose are all lovely colours with good pigmentation. I found that they applied and blended smoothly. The colours that I picked are shimmery and have a nice sparkle to them. These have passed my "weekday test" without creasing so I am happy with how they wear. The packaging is simple, clean, and professional and the labels are water resistant FOR THE WIN!! The jars also have sifters in them to avoid spillage. The name of the shadow as well as the ingredients are listed on the bottom label.

THE BAD: I tend to get a bit of fallout of the glittery, shimmery bits when I'm blending these. This may be due to the types of primer and base that I use as well as my brush technique but I can't seem to get around this. Also, vegan/lip safety information is not directly on the packaging (I personally could care less about this but I know that some people do).

THE VERDICT: Overall, I'd say that these are good quality eyeshadows that are packaged professionally. I would purchase these and I plan to purchase some in the future.




From left to right: Sugar Plum Fairy, Havok, and Zen Fire.


THE GOOD: Once again, packaging is simple and professional with a water resistant company label on the top and the colour name with the ingredients on the bottom.  There are sifters in the jars. The colour that I chose is FANTASTIC! I absolutely love the colour and I find it to be flattering on my skintone. There is a really neat sheen to these blushes; when you blend them in they kind of look matte with a shimmering overtone. I can't quite describe the effect I get but it's really nice! I love the consistency and texture as well.

THE BAD: Again, vegan and safety information is not on the packaging which I don't mind but some might. Other than that, I have nothing bad to say about this product.

THE VERDICT: I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! I would purchase blushes from Sobe Botanicals and I plan to in the future.




DuoChrome Blush: Nouveau


THE GOOD: Once again, packaging is professional and ingredients are listed directly on the water-resistant label. This is a really neat product, in my opinion, as it can be used for both the cheeks and lips. It has a nice, creamy consistency and smells AWESOME! The smell is a light, minty scent and I adore it. I found that it applied smoothly to the lips and can be applied both sheer or more opaque as the product is buildable. I'm also completely in love with the colour and the name.

THE BAD: The texture of the product is nice but I find that it is almost a bit TOO soft, which makes application a bit tricky. Also, the fact that it is packaged in a tube is fine for using a lip brush, but when I tried to apply this to my cheeks using a foundation brush, it was a bit difficult to do so from a tube.  I also found this to be difficult to blend on my cheeks over top of my foundation and powder (MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC15 and MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15). It blended well on my bare skin but it is not particularly compatible with my face products and it takes a bit of work to get it to blend nicely. Once again, there is no safety/vegan information on the packaging.

THE VERDICT: Overall, I like this product and would buy other colours despite the fact that it is a bit tricky to use on the cheeks. Also, it's SILVER so I suppose when you use a metallic colour as blush, it's going to be tricky no matter what you use.


Left: applied opaquely. Right: blended out.


THE GOOD: I love the rollerball packaging as it is very portable and the label looks professional. I think the scent is very nice and I am impressed at how long it lasts, it certainly doesn't wear off quickly! I could easily wear it for 8 hours and still be able to smell it quite well. Sobe Botanicals describes the scent as being feminine but possibly unisex and having notes of orchid, ylang flowers, spice, hints of sweet caramel & dark chocolate, with base notes of woods & patchouli. I can't smell the orchid or much for flowery notes (I do detect the ylang) and I don't notice much of a spiciness to the scent. When I first put it on, I can smell mostly the chocolate and caramel notes and these scents tone down in a couple of hours and then I can smell the woody and patchouli base notes a lot more. I would probably think that this scent is more feminine than unisex, in my opinion. Please note that my description of the scent is very subjective as we are all different in how we perceive scents. Also, perfumes do NOT smell the same on everyone so this is just a description of how it wears on myself.

THE BAD: My husband or whatever he is HATES the smell of this! This is not necessarily ALL bad though, I often slather it on when I'm pissed off at him. Wow, passive-aggressive much?

THE VERDICT: I was impressed with this product and I would purchase another one of Sobe's scents.



I love that you can get these in a rollerball!

OVERALL: I think that the products I got to try were all nicely made, professionally packaged, and good quality. I am planning on purchasing more DuoChrome Blushes, perhaps some eyeshadows, and of course some GothLips.

Stay tuned for some looks featuring Sobe Botanicals! Has anyone out there ordered from Sobe before? If so, let me know what you think of their products or link to your review or swatches in the comments.

P.S. If you see any cat hair in any of the photos this has NOTHING to do with the company! This is courtesy of  Captain Kirk, mother's little helper.

THE DISCLAIMER:  All products were given to me free of charge as the result of me winning a giveaway. I have not purchased anything from Sobe Botanicals at this time. I am not affiliated with this company in any way. Any questions about my reviews? Please click on the BORING CRAP ALERT tab at the top of the page for more information.


  1. Wow! She was so nice to include some extras for you! What a great giveaway prize! I haven't tried Sobe yet. Not sure why. A lot of other bloggers really like Sobe's products! Thanks for the review!

  2. The perfume sounds amazing. I'm also a little passive-agressive and do wear scents my bf has expressed not liking when I'm in a pissy mood with him. It's not like he's allergic and, in the scale of things, it's not really -that- mean.

  3. That bit about the passive-aggressive perfume wearing? HILARIOUS. xD

  4. Okay for reals, great haul! And the packaging is adorable! Never tried SoBe but I've heard great things and this review proves what I heard is true.

  5. I giggled a little at the passive aggressive perfume :)

    I've only tried SoBe's shadows...they were some of the first indie shadows I tried. Just realized I never reviewed them though - I should get on that! I ended up ordering a few lip and cheek colors when SoBe was on heartsy recently too...can't wait to get them!

  6. I laughed at you "husband or whatever he is". I have one of those. He isn't my husband, but he isn't my boyfriend and I hate the word fiancee.

    And I want to see a look with Metallique. I bet you could create something amazing with it!

  7. The blush swatches look very pretty. And hahaha, putting on perfume your husband hates. It's like when I cook food I know he dislikes because my husband's being a jerk. ;) Ahh, marriage. ;)

  8. LOL at the passive agressiveness! And I can't wait to see a look using these colors!

  9. What are your cat nomming?! The blush looks lovely!

  10. Zen Fire looks purrty, as does the blush. Shame about the cheek/lip colour though :( And LMFAO @ " My husband or whatever he is HATES the smell of this! This is not necessarily ALL bad though, I often slather it on when I'm pissed off at him. Wow, passive-aggressive much?"

  11. I love hearing about vegan products, great post! Those blushes look so dainty and pretty!

  12. I had a lot of problems with the lip colours having too much slip didn't even last an hour made me sad...I got a blush I love thou

  13. I've been meaning to try a few things from Sobe, love the duochrome blusher idea!

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