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Monday, August 8, 2011

Sobe Botanicals Work Safe Look

It's MONDAY! YEAHHhhhhhhhh.....NOT! Monday sucks, who's with me?! My day consisted of waking up at 5:30 am, getting ready, driving 2 hours to work, working 9 hours, and then driving 2 hours home. WORK SUCKS! It especially sucks when you have to start out in a floating position that involves covering other people's shifts and working in different locations day in and day out. It also sucks that many of us must tone down our makeup when we're workin' for THE MAN! LAME! Anyway, here's a look I did for work quite awhile ago using Sobe Botanicals. I used a bit more colour than I would usually for a work look.

FACE: MAC Prep and Prime, MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC15, MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15.

BROWS: MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Stud.
CHEEKS: Sobe Botanicals DuoChrome Blush in Nouveau.

LIPS: Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipgloss in Midnight Butterfly 803.

EYES: Base - UDPP and MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre.
Lid - Sobe Havok eyeshadow.
Outer V- Sobe Sugar Plum Fairy eyeshadow.
Crease - Persephone Minerals Bruised eyeshadow.
Waterline - UD  24/7 Glide-On Pencil in Perversion.
Upper Lashline - Maybelline Black Liquid Eyeliner.
Lower Lashline - UD 24/7 Glide-On Pencil in Uzi.
Upper and Lower Lashes - Maybelline The Falsies Mascara.





Where. Is. My. Coffee.

I have one more look coming up that features Sobe Botanicals' Metallique Lip and Cheek Colour! In case you haven't guessed, it's a goth club look! 


  1. I love your liner here, it's like perfectly perfect

  2. Oh the colors look lovely on you! And I know what you mean about needing to tone down makeup...I'm back home for a little bit and my mom gives me crap about wearing makeup. So unless I want to hear her criticism for hours on end, I just keep it pretty natural =_=. As for your Monday, at least it's almost over! Kick back with a beer!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that you have to tone down your makeup for work. Lucky for you, this still looks amazing! I'm fortunate enough to not have to worry about my clothing or makeup for work, so I feel bad for those who can't go nuts and were bright colours or anything.

  4. The stigma against bright or bold makeup and hair colors is completely ridiculous. People are allowed to wear bright colored clothing and accessories so I fail to see how makeup and hair is any different.

    And you look gorgeous! I'm sorry about your work situation. Hopefully it gets better. :(

  5. Looks great :). I love your top!
    I work for the man too but I am in IT and they expect people to be weird so I get away with some crazy make ups sometimes :) and hair.

    Sorry you have to drive so far! hope you had some good music on!

  6. Oh my goodness I love this look so much! These colors make your eyes POP! You're so beautiful!<3

  7. FUN! Your work safe stuff rocks x

  8. I love how it's work safe but still original, with the sharp liner and smooth colors :)

  9. I love your look- work safe and still a little funky (imo! but I'm ten times more conservative than you so ;) ) I have one serious question: why 2 hours? WHY TWO HOURS FOR A COMMUTE? Good lord! I have had 45 minutes, 30 minutes, and now 15 minutes for a daily commute. 2 hours? ... 2 HOURS? I'm feeling bad for you from here. That's 4 hours of driving a day.

  10. Oh this is lovely. it's really fun for a 'work safe' look. Your dress or top looks really nice too :)

  11. I hate workin' for the man! GRRRR. You look hot, though, so there's a plus, I guess!

  12. I love the colorcombo you did ! I know how it feels , sometimes i want to wear some bright and bold colors , but i have to keep it "wearable" ... what's wearable anyway ? I'm always happy when i have a vacation :D the perfect time for my lovely bold colors ... !

  13. Cute! I love that your work safe looks are still totally rockin'!

  14. Oh man, I love this. I totally expected to see a barely there eye with all brown, but you totally kept the drama and your style! :D