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Monday, October 3, 2011

Spellbound By Jynx Cosmetics: Review and Swatches

Good day, everyone! Today I am going to be reviewing and swatching some eyeshadows from Spellbound by Jynx Cosmetics! They are a fairly new independent makeup company that blends its own products. Before I begin, I will let you know that I was contacted by the company to do a review (this is my first time doing this) and I have also made a purchase from this company.


The website is very basic but easy to navigate. Being that this is a new company, they do not have a fully customized website but this doesn't bother me in any way. One thing that does bother me a bit is that I saw the odd spelling mistake in a few of the colour descriptions. Nobody's perfect but on a business website this should be checked. For each eyeshadow, there is an image of the colour of the eyeshadow as well as a photo of the eyeshadow on the lid which I like. I have read on other blogs that some people do not like how some photos show an eye with more than one shadow on, but I think it is pretty easy to tell which of the two colours you are looking at. Colour descriptions are provided for each shadow and ingredients are listed as well. I feel that the photos and colour descriptions are reasonably accurate for the most part. You can find ingredient lists for all eyeshadows listed on the website very easily and there is a vegan friendly page that shows all of the vegan options. The "About Us" page also has some good information regarding ingredients. Another thing I liked about the eyeshadow listings is that for certain colours, like Phoenix, a warning regarding staining is provided. I HATE when cosmetics stain so I enjoy that this information is available. Information that is NOT listed on the website is that regarding lip safety. This doesn't seem totally necessary to me as lip safety regulations differ by country and they are EYEshadows. However, some people like having this information.

When I placed an order, I had no problem with the website, ordering, or checking out. My order arrived rather quickly and was shipped within the stated TAT on the website. My order was neatly packaged and arrived with an invoice, ingredient list, and business cards. I had no customer service issues. I have communicated with the company owner by email and she seems like she values customer feedback, is a nice, polite, reasonable person who would be easy to deal with and would be willing to work with you if you had any issues.


As I previously stated, my order was neatly packaged with ingredient lists, business cards, and an invoice. There was no spillage. Since this company started, they have made improvements to the packaging of the full size eyeshadows. They now come with printed labels with the company logo on the top and ingredients listed on the bottom. I think the packaging looks simple and clean. However, it is not water-resistant so this means I may ruin the labels since I am a huge mess. Vegan and lip safety information is not included on the packaging. Samples are packaged in baggies with the names handwritten on them. I have heard that the company may be making improvements to their packaging in the near future; the packaging shown here is how it looked when I ordered.  The full size eyeshadows come in sealed sifter jars, which I like.







I find that the pricing is reasonable for a newer company and I have no complaints here. Full size eyeshadows are $3.99 US and samples are $1.00.


Below you can see my layout of things to swatch! I put all of the eyeshadows in alphabetical order....sort of. As you can see, I put CREEPER before CHAINED....FAIL! I also put Blue Steel before Blue Oyster. EPIC FAIL! I didn't notice this until after I took the pictures, lol!

When I was getting ready to do my swatches, "mother's little helper" decided to come along...

ARGH! If you see any cat hair in any pictures, it is NOT the fault of the company, LOL!

Anyway, before I get to my swatches, here are my product reviews:


THE GOOD: I enjoyed all of the colours that I got; there are some cool unique ones (I'll mention those with the swatch photos) as well as classic shades that can be worn to work. I was impressed with the texture of most of the eye shadows. They blended really well and were compatible with my bases (UDPP and MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre) such that I did not have problems with creasing. These have passed both my Weekday AND my Goth Club tests with no creasing. I have also used them with different foiling mediums (Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy and Lise Watier Metamorfix) with good results. They also work just fine over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. Overall, I find that these shadows work really well for me and I've been using them quite frequently!

THE BAD: A few of the shadows were a bit gritty in texture and some applied a bit patchy and had poor adherence when used dry.  You can see this in the swatch pictures. However, I found that when I used them with my primer and a base these issues were resolved. I mentioned this because I know people who do not use primers. I also noticed small bits of unblended product in a couple of the sample baggies. This did NOT affect the application of the product in this case, and unblended ingredients are certainly not uncommon in indie makeup (I've found bits here and there in products from almost ALL the indie companies I've tried. Some were bad enough to affect product application, others not so much.)

THE UGLY? In the colour description for the eyeshadow Phoenix, for example, one is warned that the product may STAIN if not used with primer! I HATE THIS but it would not prevent me from using a shadow (I have this same problem with shadows from Sugarpill, Medusa's Makeup, Manic Panic, and all of these stain right THROUGH primer!) I am glad that the website informs one of this, however, as most don't. ALSO, when I did use this colour with primer, it DID NOT stain. I wouldn't worry about any staining if you use a primer with these.

THE VERDICT: I have been using these a lot lately and was really impressed by the nice quality of the shadows coming from such a new company! There is already a wide variety of colours to choose from and I have been able to use my shadows for bright looks, classy looks, work looks, and goth looks. I will be purchasing again from this company as I feel that you get great quality and a wide selection for a good price.

(Please excuse my incorrect attempt at alphebetization, if you will.)

From left to right: Anubis, Artemis, Athena, Blue Horizon.

Anubis is a shade that you definitely need a primer for as the application is a bit patchy when dry. Athena has a really neat green duochrome.

From left to right: Blue Steel, Blue Oyster, Bubble, Chained.

Blue Steel is a gorgeous, almost metallic colour. Blue Oyster is pretty cool too. Bubble is REALLY neat, it is opaque and matte and looks awesome on. It is hard to tell in these pictures but Chained has a really pretty multidimensional sparkle to it.

From left to right: Creeper,  Crimsion Jade, Cuttle Fish, Dragon Scales.

Creeper is gorgeous and I love its duochrome. Crimsion Jade is a light greenish colour with a red sparkle to it which looks really awesome. Dragon Scales also has a duchrome effect.

From left to right: Easter Bunny, Enchanted Forest, Firestarter, Fool's Gold.

Enchanted Forest has an awesome golden sparkle to it and I use Fool's Gold all the time for work. Firestarter is another one of my favourites.

From left to right: Garnet, Hepatseus, Hermes, Impulse.

Garnet is a gorgeous shade, and Impulse is super bright!

From left to right: Isis, Jupiter, Lagoon, Napalm Tang.

Napalm Tang is just superb. It reminds me a bit of Mars Crystal Power.

From left to right: Osiris, Pea Soup, Peep, Phantom Zone.

I adore Osiris. It is an olive greenish colour that  pairs very well with lots of shadows. I use this one a lot.

From left to right: Phoenix, Pitch Black, Ruby, Saffy.

Pitch Black is not pitch black AT ALL; rather, I find it is a nice, soft black. Despite its somewhat flawed nomeclature, I find it is quite useful for darkening my crease or outer V as it isn't so black as to overtake the colours I'm using. Ruby is an excellent colour as well.

From left to right: Smog, Snow Day, Star Dust, Toasted, Wizard of Oz.

Smog is just a delicious colour and I use Toasted all the time for work. Star Dust and Snow Day are pretty similar so if you order I wouldn't get both.

Just a final note: The dry swatches of these don't really do them justice. They pop a lot more over primer.


I'll just give some general thoughts on these blushes since they are not available on the website yet but I think they will be eventually. Keep in mind that the formulations that I tried might not be the same as what will be made available for purchase. The blushes that I tried were numbered B1 - B7. I absolutely adore all of the colours! I am a bit of an indie blush freak and I was impressed by lovely colours that I received. When I tried them on my arm dry, I thought that B1 Had the nicest texture whereas B4 and B6 had a nice texture as well as excellent adherence. B7 was probably the smoothest and also had good adherence. B2 had a bit of fallout and was a bit chalky. B3 was slightly gritty and B5 did not stick to my arm very well. Interestingly, I HAVE actually worn all of these over my foundation and powder and despite their differences in texture when used dry, they all wore very well on my face. I didn't notice that much of a difference in application or wear between any of them when I actually wore them. These have passed both the Weekday and Goth Club tests so I'm quite happy with their wear. I hope these become available to purchase because I really did enjoy them!

From left to right: B1 - B7.

AVAILABILITY:   http://spellboundbyjynx.com/

In summary, I'd be very comfortable recommending this company to others. I had a good experience with them and have been enjoying my products. I will be posting two looks featuring the eyeshadows and the blushes so you can see what they look like on. I've done quite a few looks with Spellbound stuff so keep your eyes peeled for even more looks in the future!

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Has anyone out there tried Spellbound by Jynx Cosmetics? What did you think of them? 

DISCLAIMER: Samples of both blush and eyeshadow were sent to me by the company for review purposes. I was not paid to do this review. Full size eyeshadows were purchased by me and free samples were included with my order. I am in no way affiliated with this company and this review has not been edited by anyone but myself. If you have further concerns, please visit my Boring Crap Alert! page for the full disclaimer.


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