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Monday, November 21, 2011

Do I Look Pretty? Review and Swatches of My Pretty Zombie Eyeshadows

Quite some time ago, I placed my first order with My Pretty Zombie, an independent makeup company. Read on for a review and swatches!


-MPZ is availabe through an Etsy store which is very easy to navigate

-Product photos are clear and well done

-Swatches are somewhat inconsistent (not really a problem, see below); most shadows have a photo of the product spilled out and a finger swatch but some shadows have no swatches at all, some have arm/hand swatches, and a few have pictures of the eyeshadow on the eye modeled by fellow blogger Manda of Toxid Lotus

-I found the photos to be mostly colour accurate compared to the colours of eyeshadow that I received (i.e. you can easily pick colours and know what you're getting so the swatch photos posted are useful)

-The eyeshadows offered are not lip safe or vegan; this information is clearly listed in her shop announcement

-Product descriptions are accurate in my opinion, and many are quite humourous (like the one for the WTF trio)


-Shipping was fast and well within the stated TAT (clearly shown at the top of the store page)

-Customer service was excellent; mrsevils, the shop owner, contacted me via Etsy conversation to let me know that I could bundle a couple more eye shadows together to save money and then refunded me (she did this with the second order I placed as well!)


-Products arrived securely packed in a box with a cute dead Barbie sticker sealing it (great attention to detail!)

-A clear invoice,lovely business card, fun fangs, and 3 free sample baggies were included with my order

-Shadows were packed in pretty pink bags with Easter grass to cushion them (did I mention that I am loving the attention to detail here?)
-The jars that the shadows come in are tall and square and really cute! They are labelled with the name of the eyeshadow and "Do I Look Pretty?" around the base of the jars; this looks fantastic in my opionion! Ingredients and the name of the shadow is also listed on a non-water resistant sticker on the bottom of the jars.

-All jars arrived shrink-wrapped, which is very professional. Despite this, there was a small amount of spillage from one of the eyeshadows when I received them.


-Full-size eyeshadow: $5 US
-Sample eyeshadow set of 3: $3 US
-Full-size blush: $8 US
-OMG YOU PICK 5 Eyeshadows: $20 US (save $5)
-All 5 Full-size blushes: $32 US (save $8)
-I feel that the shipping costs and prices are reasonable.


THE GOOD: I love the look of the jars and the attention to detail in labelling them. The names of the shadows are awesome and the owner clearly has an excellent sense of humour. There are some really unique and gorgeous colours available and they work well with UDPP and MAC Paint Pot as well as Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy and NYX JEP's.  They have passed my Weekday and Goth Club tests and I have had no problems with wear or creasing. They are easy to blend and there are a variety of finishes (matte, shimmery, sparkly) to choose from.

THE BAD: Despite my love for the look of the jars, the tall lip of them is a bit hard to work with. Also, there are some colours with awesome glitter in them that unfortunately gets lost to fall-out if not used over a stickier base like PE.

THE VERDICT: Overall, I really, really love the shadows that I got! I have been using them a lot and have found them useful for colourful looks, work-safe looks, and especially goth club and Halloween looks! I also enjoy using things that have nice packaging and fun names. I would highly recommend these eyeshadows!


LOVE the attention to detail!

The Husbandry Affliction Trio: Mad Cow, Hoof and Mouth, Anthrax.

The WTF Trio: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

996, Agonys Decay, Amacyst, Black Eye, Coffin Critters.

Epistaxis, EJP Creations, Gangrenous, Mary Jane, Miasma.

Monstrous Industry, My Pretty Zombie, New Age Dolls, New Bruise, Pink Eye.

Rabies, Somnambulant, TaraYvonne, Thundernuts, Vanity.


Do I  look pretty?
One day I was stuck at home feeling rather ill and I didn't do my hair or anything and I was quite bored. To amuse myself and because I am an idiot, I decided to do some "literal" swatches of Black Eye, Pink Eye, New Bruise, and Epistaxis. Please telll me that I am not crazy and that someone else out there thinks this is funny....anyone?


Agonys Decay: This is a really neat golden-green shade with large silver flakey sparkles. I love the huge silver sparkles!

Amacyst: It looks either purple or blue depending on how you use it, a really neat colour!

Epistaxis: An awesome, blackened, matte red. I have used up my entire sample already!

Miasma: Yellow with a pink shift? YES PLEASE!

TaraYvonne: My swatch of this does it no justice. It is a dark blue with red glitter and it is FABULOUS when used with PE.

The Husbandry Affliction Trio: These colours go so well together! They all have really neat shifts.

Captain James T. Kirk, one of my cats, also has a favourite. He loves Coffin Critters. He loves it so much that he attacked the open jar of it while I was swatching. He ended up wearing some of it. (He has also tried on Amacyst as he attacked my makeup brush whilst I was applying it).

James modeling Coffin Critters: a lovely matte black that is perfect for crease blending and outer V darkening.
OVERALL, I would highly recommend this company. I experienced excellent customer service and am impressed with the attention to detail and quality of their products. I have already ordered from them a second time.

AVAILABILITY: My Pretty Zombie

DISCLAIMER: All products in this review were purchased by me and my opinions are my own. I received samples free with my order which were NOT for review/promotional purposes. I am not affiliated with this company in any way. Please see the "Boring Crap Alert" page if you have further questions or concerns.


  1. Your "literal" swatches cracked me up. The pink eye one especially - that's why I avoid pink shadows as they make me look like that (sparkly eye diseases ftw!)

  2. Great review! I haven't tried MPZ but it is on my list of companys to try! Have heard and seen lots of great things about their shadows! Love your literal swatches! Yes, I think we all do stuff like that :) And your cat cracks me up!

  3. HAHA, this is awesome. Best FOTD -ever-. I really like the My Pretty Zombie shadow (but I have a thing for reds). Love your kitty too :)

  4. Great swatches, and you look like someone beat the crap outta you lol! Very accurate rendition of the shade names :D

  5. LOL! Your FOTD is awesome ;) And I laughed at the cat photo. Dennison has not quite attacked pots of open makeup yet, but I feel it's just a matter of time ._. I have been looking at the blush set from MPZ...I think I will have to do it soon!

  6. It's hilarious. Your reviews are always so detailed-- it's great :) Captain Kirk picked a good 'un!

  7. what a bargain you've done! and how neat you've swatched! makes me wanna show 'til I turn zombie haha


    (See what I did there? >.> )

    Looks great on you and on your kitty cat :)

  9. Hahaha. That's the best way to show swatches, I say. They all look like really pretty colours. I really want to try My Pretty Zombie.

  10. lmao!!! You are too awesome. And your cat too! hahaha right in the middle of his head, he so pwetty :) 996 looks like such a sweet blue. I needs it. I'm 996% sure.

  11. wowzerssss!!! look at these swatches!!! love the nose bleed pic, too cool!!!

  12. LOL you're hilarious XD I especially like the look of Black Eye and New Age Dolls