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Monday, December 19, 2011

Acid Kimono: A Goth Club Look

Here is a goth club look from quite awhile ago. Unfortunately, when one dresses in an alternative style, one often gets some "interesting" comments. I am fortunate in that the worst things that I have experienced were people making fun of me in highschool for my clothing or people LOUDLY commenting negatively within my earshot when I used to dress more alternative in the daytime. I have heard many bad stories on other blogs from people who dress in an alternative manner and I think this is very sad. Usually when I am dressed for goth/alternative club nights, I am met with curiosity from those who choose to inquire about my style rather than negativity. I got a bit of a weird comment when I wore this outfit, however.  When I was coming out of the club to go home at the end of the night, a woman stumbled up to me and said, "Can I buy som acid off of you?" I informed her that I did not have any. "Oh," she said. "Well, I figured that if you were dressed like that, then you were definitely into acid!!!" Um, no. What follows is my look for the evening, and NO, it was not inspired by any mind altering substances!!

FACE: MAC Prep and Prime, MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC15, MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15.

CHEEKS: Evil Shades Blush in Brazen.

BROWS: Annabelle Eyebrow Pencil in Soft Black.

LIPS: Lime Crime (not really my favourite company) lipstick in Retrofuturist with MUFE Lab Shine Lipgloss in M0 Chrome Onyx over top (not really my favourite lipgloss, either).

EYES: Base: UDPP, MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre, NYX JEP in Black Bean, and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.
Lid: MPZ Epistaxis.
Crease: MPZ Coffin Critters.
Upper Crease: Sugarpill Love +.
Lower Lashline: Manic Panic Blush in Vampire Red mixed with Lise Watier Metamorfix.
Upper Lashline: Maybelline Black Liquid Eyeliner.
Waterline: UD Perversion.
Mascara: I forget.
False Lashes: Ardell "Sophisticated".

This came out a bit "interesting" due to my issues with the MUFE lipgloss and due to my inexperience with PE and NYX JEP's at the time. My blending got a little weird as I was not used to either of these bases. Also, I wanted to try wearing false lashes only on the bottom lashline. I thought this would have IMPACT. Uh, I think it makes my eyes look upside down or something. BACK TO THE GOTH DRAWING BOARD!! At least it's dark in the club..........







Synth Dreads: Made By Me
Hair Ribbons: Painted By Me
Headband: Le Chateau
PVC Collar: Some goth store
PVC Kimono: Lip Service
Criss-cross Stockings: Ebay
Boots: Demonia

Don't you just love the fridge and the empty beer box in the background? Really adds to the overall aesthetic, lol!


  1. This is so awesome ! The red really pops on you , matches great with your eyecolor and gives you a nice vampy look :D Love it !

  2. Oh wow! Love the reds and blacks in this look. Those lashes on the bottom are insane. Un-freaking-believable!

  3. Lol, you totally look like you would deal acid... I mean what DOES someone like that even look like? Ugh, people. I love the whole outfit, though, you make such great hair dread thingies!

  4. Omg, that kimono is fucking fantastic. I wish I had your balls because you look fucking epic. And I like the upside-downy lashes, it's very doll like! I don't think they make your eyes look upside down but maybe some winged ones might work? Idk. I need to play with lashes on the lower lashline now, I haven't done that for ages.

    Also wtf how rude? How do you look like you haev acid? What does that look like?!

  5. Wow, that outfit is freaking amazing!!!! I think all makeup is a constant learning experience. I usually don't even put mascara on my lower lashes because I think it looks weird on me! Love+ is soooo awesome looking on you.

  6. This is so freaking epic!!! Your eye makeup is amazing and those lashes are so bad-ass. The whole out fit is stunning!

  7. Lol, that's a funny story. I don't know what I would have done in that situation. I'm always so intrigued by those headpieces. They look so intricate. Are they heavy or hard to wear?

  8. Love the eye look, and your outfit is out of control! Love it! I have to say, I really enjoy when you post photos of outfits you wear, it's so much fun to see how it inspires your makeup!

  9. you are just too awesome m'dear!!! I love this look so much--the red eyeshadow is sizzin' hot!!! the hair, the vinyl kimono--you're a KILLAH!!!!

  10. I know how you feel about how people make assumptions or laugh about anything that isn't "normal." I haven't had it bad at all but man some people are just so ignorant!


    When I used to dress alternative I got comments all the time, which bothered me a little but I got used to it. Now I have a different style, and once I was out with a friend who dresses alternatively and he kept getting all these comments from wannabe ghetto douchebags and I thought to myself "I really don't miss that part" :(

  12. You look amazing, I LOVE the false lashes under the eye, that looks just so awesome. And don't lie, I know you were secretly hiding drugs in your hair :P

  13. agghhhh your outfit is awesome!!! Love it, So jealous of your huge eyes! I only get asked for drugs if I am wearing something particularly fluffy or fluro hhhaha