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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Late as F**k to the Party Product Review and Swatches: Sleek Acid and Sparkle Palettes

So yeah.....I'm pretty sure these palettes came out, like, LAST YEAR. I also got them A LONG TIME AGO.  It is almost pointless at this juncture to post a review and swatches of the Sleek Acid and Sparkle palettes but since I took the pictures, I figured that I might as well post them anyway for sh*ts and giggles.

THE GOOD: These palettes are nicely packaged and you get a lot of product for a low price (I got these for about $12 CAD each on ebay).  Most of the shadows have good pigmentation and apply easily. Also, they come with SPONGES which are my favourite! (Sorry! BLASPHEMY!) Another plus is that they come with shadows of many different textures (sparkly, metallic, matte).

THE BAD: Some of the shadows, especially the neons/mattes in the Acid Palette, are rather chalky. A few of them also blend poorly and are hard to pick up on one's brushes (or sponges). The sparkly ones tend to have quite a bit of glitter fallout if you apply them heavily.

THE UGLY: Some of the shadows CRUMBLE and chunks fall off of them if you are too aggressive with your brush (or sponge). DO NOT WANT.

THE VERDICT: I love these palettes and want more of them. There are so many different ones that you could get a huge variety of colours for a low price. However, the eyeshadow is not of the highest quality, which I can forgive because they are so inexpensive for what you get.




Sleek Sparkle Palette

Top row: Tinsel, Gold Ribbon, Glitz and Glamour, Misteltoe, Festive, Illusion.
Bottom Row: Noir, Star Light, Twinkle, Galactic, Dream Maker, Cranberry.

Sleek Acid Palette

For some reason, the Sparkle Palette colours all have names but the shadows in this palette remain nameless. I LOVE THE NEONS!! I have learned from various other bloggers that these look SWEET over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils.

I'm actually trying to get my ass in gear and post some stuff that I have had sitting in my blogging folder for months. I often get too wrapped up in looking at other blogs and then I'm like....oh yeah, maybe I should post some crap on my own now and again!

DISCLAIMER: These products were purchased by me. This is an honest review. Questions? Feel free to visit my BORING CRAP ALERT page.


  1. Those neons are insane! I can't even think of how I would wear them.

  2. OMG those neons are awesome! I would almost never wear them except around the house.... but that's a pretty legit reason, right??? You should do some more looks with them!

  3. I'm with Larie - the neons are amazing, yet terrifying lol

  4. Whoa on the neons. WHOA. And they crumble? Hrmmmmmm!

    I want to see you rock those neons with your outfits lady! :)

  5. Oh wow, those neons are awesome! It makes me want to do some Rainbow Brite look... Thanks for the swatches!

  6. Lots of great colors in these palettes! I have the one Sleek palette... can't remember which one at the moment! But Sleek's palettes are so much fun! Thanks for sharing these with us!

  7. I love both these pallettes. The neon colours are a PITA but I think all neons are like that. I need to give the Sparkle palette some more love!

  8. I still drool every time I see that acid palette. I really need it in my life ... someday ...

  9. I so don't think the neons are enough and found them annoyingly chalky. I have something I think you would like if you want to email me your address ;)