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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Morgana Cryptoria Lip Balms and 1920's Lipsticks: Review and Swatches

A couple of months ago, I purchased some of the Lip Balms and 1920's Lipsticks from Morgana Cryptoria. Here are some swatches and a review if the Lip Balms.

THE GOOD: The lip balms are EXTREMELY pigmented so you get great colour payoff. The formulation of SOME of the lip balms (Countess Bathory, Incantation, Masquerade Ball) is very nice and application is smooth. There are a LOT of colours to choose from on the website so there are colours for those who like more traditional lip products as well as some shades that are out there. The packaging is simple and neat.

THE BAD: Some of the balms were not flat on top when I opened them but had kind of "caved in" in the middle which made them hard to apply from the tube. I am also very confused about why these products were labelled as lip balms. They are too pigmented to casually apply as one would apply a balm and they are also rather drying in my opinion.

THE UGLY: I had some application issues with a few of these. Miss Jupiter was not as opaque as I was hoping and I found that it applied a bit patchy. A couple of the balms (Electron and Holographic Cauldron) tend to "pill" a bit on application.

THE VERDICT: I really like the colours that I got as many of them are "off-black" which gives me some options that are similar to black but not for my goth looks. The ones that I have worn out stayed put and didn't need frequent re-application. While there are application issues with some of these, I do like them overall. I kind of think that these should just be called lipsticks because I don't think their formulation resembles a balm in any way. If you are looking to use these as a coloured lip balm, I wouldn't necessarily recommend them. If you are looking for a highly pigmented lip colour, I would definitely give them a try.



Left (from the regular lipstick line): Medusa
Right: Cat's Pyjamas, It Girl. I loved the vintage-y red and gold tubes that these came in!!

Cat's Pyjamas

It Girl



Lip Balms


From left to right: Starburst, Miss Jupiter, Masquerade Ball, Incantation, Holographic Cauldron, Hemlock, Hathor, Electron, Countess Bathory.

Countess Bathory







Holographic Cauldron




Masquerade Ball

Miss Jupiter


Anyone else have any of these? What colours would you recommend? Do you think they feel like lip balms?


  1. Man, how do you manage to suit EVERY colour?! :O *jealous*

  2. Ooh, Hathor and Incantation are rocking my socks! I have to say, I think Miss Jupiter is really flattering on you, which I would not have expected from a blue lipstick! It makes your skin look absolutely gorgeous!

  3. I have Merlot and I LOVE it. I also have Creeping Vine and Starburst, those are little trickier, but still gorgeous. I got Incantation in gloss form and did not like it at ALL, it's really watery and pretty much unusable. I don't know why, I love the other gloss I have.
    I agree with Sari, Miss Jupiter looks amazing on you, and somehow looks completely natural. :D

  4. Love aaaaall of these on you. I have one of the balms and same, its like a lipstick. For sure, 100%. I also have all the 20s lipsticks... le sigh, I love them!

  5. I love the gold one, might have to get some!
    I am always jealous of your great lip shape.
    Also the email you sent me seems to have gone missing :( can you send it to me again? :) thanks

  6. Wow. I can see why you think they shouldn't be called balms. They're so pigmented! I love how unusual the colours are. I may have to give some of these a try.

  7. This is a really nice and helpful review/swatches post, thanks! I want Medusa and Hathoer <3 ;)

  8. masquerade ball is soooo different and cool!

  9. Hathor looks frickin awesome on you! I would never try most of those shades but you definitely pull them off!

  10. Electron looks amazing on you! I have to agree, these really aren't balms. I was looking forward to something with the pigmentation of a lipstick but the feel and benefits of a balm, but they're really drying on me :(

  11. I love Electron!!! It looks flippin sweet on you!
    How the heck did you swatch all these without your lips falling off?

  12. super festive! love those alternate colours for the lips! we need more of this don't you think!?
    Hope you'll get an awesome 2012 with coloured lips!!!

  13. WOW are those really lip balms?!! the colors are surreal--perfect for a rocker chica like yourself!!!

  14. I like the color selection, too bad they're not consistent over the board. I'd probably pass on these anyway as "unique" color lips aren't my thing (never had a black lipstick, might be because there isn't a goth bone in my body I don't think, hehe) I do like how Hemlock particularly looks on you, though, and can see some of these looking awesome with your club looks.

  15. There's some gorgeous alternatives to plain black lippie here - which, let's face it, almost always looks pretty crap no matter what one does with it.