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Monday, December 19, 2011

MUFE Lab Shine Lipgloss: M0 Chrome Onyx

It's time for another LATE AS F**K TO THE PARTY REVIEW!!!! ***slow claps*** Anyway, a LONG time ago, the closeted goth in me reared its ugly head and I purchased the rather pricey ($21 Canadian) MUFE Lab Shine Lipgloss is M0 Chrome Onyx from the Metal Collection.  Here's what I thought of it.

THE GOOD: This lipgloss formulation is very smooth. When it's on, it is SUPER shiny and has great sparkle. It has a bit of a flavour to it which I liked but some would not.

THE BAD: I definitely had application problems with this gloss. It comes with a plastic brush applicator and no matter how carefully I apply it, it always comes out patchy.  It is also not as opaque as I was hoping. Irritatingly, though this is from the METAL collection and is named CHROME Onyx, this gloss is not metallic in finish AT ALL. Also, it smells a bit "chemical-y" in my opinion.

THE UGLY: Being that this gloss isn't particularly opaque, I tried layering it over lipsticks rather than wearing it alone. It unfortunately tends to disrupt the lipstick that is worn beneath it when applied and thusly does not make a great layering gloss. It also feathers and bleeds despite the use of my clear lipliner and is a pain in the @$$ to touch up at the goth club because it comes off really easily when drinking and then messes up my lipstick when I try to reapply it. I end up having to pretty much re-do my lips a bunch of times in the bathroom rather than just touching them up which can get quite irritating after the 7th time.

THE VERDICT: This is a pricey gloss at $21 Canadian and I do not think it is worth the price. The formulation is very hard to work with but looks pretty neat for about 10 minutes if you manage to apply it over lipstick without messing it up in the process. I wish it stayed where you put it for longer and I wish it was more opaque and metallic. In summary: THIS IS NOT......GOOD ENOUGH. (10 goth points for you if you got the song reference there!)






I have decided to put full-face swatches of lip products from now on since macro photos tend to highlight my poor application and don't necessarily represent how products look on.

As a final note, I should mention that my makeup application techniques are not really that great so the application issues I had may be partially due to my own lack of skills. Also, I think that Lab Shine glosses in more forgiving colours might be a bit easier to wear. Does anyone have any of these? What do you think of them?

DISCLAIMER: This product was purchased by me. This is an honest review. Questions? Feel free to visit my BORING CRAP ALERT page.


  1. Aww, bummer about the gloss! I would have been upset, too, that's a lot of money for a gloss that doesn't apply evenly. I think that is my biggest pet peeve for lip glosses. I have a bronzey gold color one of these that is very metallic; it seems to go on just fine, but I tend to wear it sheerer than intended, so I might not be the best person to ask about the application.

  2. How annoying! It sucks when stuff you pay good money for doesn't work for you. This would have been an awesome gloss, but it even looks patchy in the swatch pic.

  3. The way this looks is definitely not lack of skill. I've had other (cheaper!) glosses do this to me, too. It's too bad, too, because it looks kind of neat in the swatch picture. Those sparkles are awesome!

  4. Ugh, I hate when you spend big $$ on a product and it stinks! I'm sorry it was such a pain. I am afraid of black anyway, but that looks great on you! It pulls a bit purple from the pigmentation on your lips? Still looks cool, but when I go out I don't want to do lots of touch-ups.

    I might be going to a goth club in the spring!

  5. Yeah, not for $21... how lame. I've never tried the other colors but this isn't making me want to! You still look hot, so whatevs, haha.

  6. Yeah, I don't think this is worth it at all. If glosses like this can't even be layered...pass!

  7. Aw man, that is a shame. I only have one thing from MUFE and it's a purple lipstick that I never wear because it's really drying. I would agree that with that many issues, that's not worth the price tag BUT I would like to say that you look stunning with black lips :D

  8. I tried this out and agree with you. It's decent for layering, though. =]

  9. Lame, I would definitely use it over another matte shade though - I think that would look really nice.

  10. maybe you could try it over black eyeliner on your lippies??

  11. Boooooo :( I had a similar experience with my Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Gender.

  12. What a shame, it's got such lovely sparkle but I really think the patchiness is down to the product, not your application.