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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hello, just posting to let everyone know that I am on a  no-buy until May when I go to Montreal where there is an Inglot store!!! ANYWAY, feel free to ASK ME HOW MY NO BUY is going, I need someone to keep me honest!! I have always had a lot of makeup but I used to be able to say that I had used everything in my collection at least once.....now, not so much. I am going to focus on shopping my large stash and trying things that I haven't put on yet!

Here are some things that I am drooling over but WILL NOT GIVE IN TO YET:

-The Blue Period trio and Drugs Like Me eyeshadows from My Pretty Zombie

-Trying out a bunch of stuff from Darling Girl

-More eyeshadows from Persephone Minerals

-Liqui-Gel Stains and Weightless Lip Creme in Masochist from Beaute Cosmetics

-Lipsticks from Lime Crime (sorry, the company owner does not behave in a way that is to my taste but I die for the lipsticks and I probably won't even buy them but I WANT THEM!!!)

-Lady Grey lipstick from Morgana Cryptoria as well as maybe a couple other lipsticks

-Eyeshadows, blushes, and lip stuff from Silk Naturals

-Trying out some stuff from Geek Chic Cosmetics

So yeah, ASK ME HOW IT'S GOING! If you see any swatches or reviews from now until May 17th, it is stuff that I already had but hadn't posted yet.


  1. So... how's it going? ;P Good luck, though! May is a long time, but you can do it. I'll be a cheerleader for you.

  2. Not that this helps the no-buy, but try the lipsticks from http://kaoir.com instead of LC, they apparently have the same supplier but these apply better. LC's have so much pigment that they tend to be patchy and drying (and staining).

  3. Good luck with your no-buy! I have very little willpower, so I really admire people who can commit to not buying any makeup for more than my 2 or 3 week record! And just when I think I have enough makeup, I realize I'm missing something really critical- like orange lip gloss. I don't have any orange lip gloss! How did this happen? Anyway, I know everyone here will try to keep you honest, and I'm excited to see what you rediscover in your collection and fall back in love with!

  4. Good luck with the no buy! although I am excited to see what Geek Chic and Silk Naturals and Darling Girl things you pick up ;)

  5. All right, you can do it! :D You can do it! I find that making a wishlist is actually helpful rather than detrimental to the goal - you kind of look at everything on it over and over again until you don't want them any more, hahaha.

  6. Yay! Good luck! I've found that it really helps to do a weekly (or periodical) blog post about no-buys. Helps keep you honest and focused. I made it the whole month of February, then I kind of went on a small binge at the end :( But I'm re-focused on minimizing my purchases! You are going to do great on making it until May!

  7. ooooooh man good luck lady! I told myself I was on a no-buy because we have a final huge car payment we have to make in July so we need to save our asses off but there's just TOO MANY PRETTIES!! Darling Girl and Shiro just came out with Hunger Games collections and I'm glad they're permanent so that gives me time ther but if Meow releases a limited edition collection any time soon, I'm screwedled.

  8. Hurray! I'm on a no-buy too! I'm so glad I have company! I'm trying to put together a P10P list too just so I can actually use up some stuff while i'm having withdrawals. As for Lime Crime lippies, there are a few other companies that make colorful lipsticks. I heard about Secret Kisses (http://www.secretkisseslipstick.com/) from Jerry (http://silhouettescreams.blogspot.com/). They look really really cool!


    I probably should be on a no-buy but I'm too lazy.

  10. Maybe I'm a bit "late to the party" in asking this and you've addressed it before, but WTF do you use for makeup remover?(I'm sure it's evolved from wrecking every facecloth in the house with black stains hahaha). I'm trying to find a good one, especially for eye stuff. Have you done a review of removers? Perhaps that can be your project during your "no buy" period...show us the "de-application" processes?!

  11. Good luck on the no-buy! I've been mostly "shopping the stash" lately too. It's actually strange when you stop buying, because you get to know how much you already have... it's sometimes quite embarrassing :|

  12. I'm in the same place right now; I have so many untouched products it's troubling!