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Saturday, April 21, 2012

QUICK SWATCHES: Urban Decay Electric 24/7 Eyepencil Set

I had decided not to buy this set as I already had full sized pencils of Perversion and Ransom. However, I really wanted the other three colours, especially Woodstock! I ended up getting the set as a Christmas gift! Yay! Here are some quick swatches!



From left to right: Perversion (matte black), Radium (looks similar to Electric in the photo but is quite a bit darker), Woodstock (pink eyeliner!!!), Junkie (green-based teal with golden sparkles), and Ransom (purple with blue sheen).

In other news, I am sick and hacking up a lung! Good times. I also had to get up at 6 am ON A SATURDAY to take an injection course. BOOOOO!  My job is "interesting" enough as it is, and now I have to poke people....we'll see how that goes!

Anyway, Urban Decay makes the best eye pencils (in my opinion)! What are your favourite pencil eyeliners?


  1. Look at you go with those pencils! Such great colors! I have a few UD pencils, but I'm not super impressed with them :(

  2. I am actually a big fan of UD's eye pencils too; they wear well on me, are super pigmented, and easy to work with. I have some that are as easy to apply, but either smudge all over my face through the course of the day, or fade away really badly. Or both :( Radium and Junkie are my favorites of what you've swatched here, since I have Perversion and Ransom already and like them; I like Woodstock, but I probably wouldn't end up wearing it much, even though it looks like it would be sooo much fun to play with! I wish they would expand their permanent collection to include all of the shades they release in sets like this individually!

  3. haha the coolest swatches ever! and hey what a great kit! i so love their whole 24/7 products, so i definitely need to buy some more, and what a better way wouldn't it be with getting a full kit like this!? clever is what you is! and i'm sure you'll get to sleep in another day!/Azure

  4. I've never tried Urban Decay eyeliners before, but these look beautiful. I love Ransom, its a gorgeous unique shade.

    Hope you feel better soon. :)


  5. I love that you drew pictures with them for your swatches :D I have this set! And ugh, being sick - not good. Not good at all. Feel better soon!

  6. Hehe, you would totally draw adorable pictures with these liners. I love this set! The blue and green shades are my favorite :) Feel better!!!!

  7. totally agree with you, UD 24/7 liners are the best!! Woodstock is probably my favorite color of them all!!!

  8. I'd decided not to buy this one because I already had Ransom and Radium... but... you can never have too many pencils right? Right? Haha. I'm just waiting and hoping it'll get clearanced even further before I pick it up.