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Saturday, April 28, 2012

RANDOM POST: No-Buy, Shoes, Cats, and Weird Thoughts


I have been faithfully sticking to my no-buy. I have not bought a SINGLE makeup OR nail polish related thing since March 1st. That is well over one month. I have NEVER done that before!

Here are some of the things I've resisted:

-China Glaze Magnetix polish or any other magnetic polish, OR any other China Glaze polish, for that matter

-A bunch of drugstore nail polishes (Maybelline, Sally Hansen Gem Crush)

-A bunch of Hits and Ozotic nail polishes

-Stuff from Illamasqua: APOCALIPS, Scribe, Kontrol, etc.

ARGH, Apocalips almost did me in. It's called APOCALIPS. It's TEAL. I want it. I also saw a display of inexpensive magnetic polishes and a bin of OPI nail polishes for $6 as I walked past a hair salon BUT I RESISTED. I am doing well.  Before the end of May, I will need to buy more foundation, primer, powder and eyebrow pencil (my basics that I use daily) but that is ALL that I am allowed to purchase. I actually feel somewhat free and have been enjoying shopping my stash as I have lots of nice stuff already!


Sooooo.....it appears that when I stop buying makeup I start buying shoes.........

My old faithful pair of Demonia boots finally died. I had them for many years and they went with everything and they were comfortable and had a good "balance" for dancing. Unfortunately, after a night out where alcohol may or may not have been involved, I fell off of the curb of a sidewalk and THIS happened.  Good times on Whyte Avenue.....

I shall miss you, old faithful boots.

I was going to buy another of the same pair but I figured why not change things up a bit. I ordered some new Demonia boots with silver metal panels and HUGE platforms. They look very cyber and awesome but unfortunately the "balance" is off. They aren't as good for dancing as my old ones because my feet move around in them too much and they are too cyber to go with some of my outfits.  I might end up getting another pair of my old favourites after all.....

I also got my first pair of New Rock boots! I have been eyeballing New Rocks since I was like, 16 but they were too expensive for me while I was in university. Recently, my HUSBAND bought some and I was so jealous that I had to get my own pair. They are VERY well made with real leather and metal in the soles. I don't think that these will never meet the same fate as my old Demonia boots!

Awhile ago, while browsing the shoes at Aldo, I saw two highlighter-bright pairs of wedges. One was yellow and one was pink. There were matching neon purses to go with them. I LOVE NEON so I was pretty excited! I couldn't decide which colour to get so I went with the yellow shoes and got the pink purse instead of the matching one. The picture doesn't do them justice, they are BRIGHT. I am going to pair them with an all-black outfit.

I also got these quite awhile ago. They are Jeffrey Campbell "Night Nail" shoes. The lack of heel makes them very striking and they hae NAILS studded upon them. How cool is that? They are super easy to walk in even though they look scary. There were another pair of these that had spikes all over them, but I thought that I'd never seen a pair of shoes with nails in them before so I got these.

Here is an awesome pair of shoes that my friend gave me. She bought a pair of black suede heels and added the spikes, studs, and chains to them! They look awesome! I have to be careful not to stab anyone while I'm dancing around in them, lol!


Here is Twiggy playing with my nail file. Both of my cats have it out for the nail file for some reason. Whenever I use it they both try to fight me for it!

The cats like to look out the windows so my husband put up a shelf for them.

They also have a cat tree in the kitchen to sit on and look out the window. We leave the blinds closed during the day. James T. Kirk was not pleased with this. So, he chewed all of the slats off of the side of our venetian blinds so he can look out the window whevever he wants. WTF? I didn't think a cat would do something like this!

He is pretty damn pleased with himself and his handiwork. He was unfortunately really sick this week as he had crystals in his urine which is very dangerous for male cats. He's doing much better now.


Have you ever had one, weird, long white eyelash grow out of nowhere? Recently I had this happen to me. You couldn't really see it until I put on mascara and then it was like, WTF???  It is hardest to see in the last picture because I did not put mascara on it but you can see how long it got. Then one day, it just fell out. Seems kind of odd.


Weird lip colours, FTW!

Did anyone else ever watch the X-men cartoons when they were a kid? Do you remember this fine fellow pictured above? His name is Apocalypse. When I was a kid, I did not know what apocalypse meant so I thought his name was ApocaLIPS because he had those huge lips going on.  Now there is a lipstick called Apocalips. Life is strange.


  1. Life IS strange. But at least you have really awesome shoes to go through it in; that ought to count for something. My cats also love playing with my nail files, they bat them off of the table and then go to down. And we have a cat who chewed through the blinds in our old place to make horizontal spots for him to stick his face... Oh, cats. But yours are adorable! And good job on your no-buy, you must have the willpower of a saint!

  2. Noooo, your poor Demonia boots!! :'( I really wanted those back when I was in what I call "A dark place". LOL. I love all your other new shoes, especially the 2nd ones!

  3. Oh my, I think I just had a shoe goodness overload! I wouldn't mind having those New Rock boots myself =)

  4. LOL at the X men, though I didn't think that it makes perfect sense to me! Haha, well done on the no buying rule! I'm currently saving up for some boots that are going to cost me £112 or something so it's going to take me a while :( and RIP demonia's and helloo new shoes XD Love your posts hun lots of inspiration - Clairey xx

  5. One of my old dogs used to love mangling the blind slats like James T Kirk does. Instead of eating them, though, he would paw at them and shove his head through until he ripped out enough slats to see out of (and then a few more for when he needed a better view)

    Those neon shoes you got are amazing. I could see myself wearing those for sure.

  6. Hahaha, I love this post. Those shoes are all fabulous, and I love the neon wedges and clutch, especially. But they are all awesome and I need new shoes, too.

    As for the slats, omg. Dennison tore down our blinds the one time we left them down because he wanted to see outside. ._. So now we leave them halfway up when we leave in the morning, and just close them at night, so he can stare outside as he pleases all day. The things we do!!!

  7. What a great entertaining post. Can't say I've ever had a weird eyelash like that. I had a wacky eyebrow hair that was like that but it also fell out and never came back. Loving those shoes! An well done on your no buy. Such strength!

  8. Do you have a shoe repair place where you live? They should be able to fix them.

    I would kill for a pair of New Rock boots, they look so comfy but I don't think I could ever justify spending that much on boots. I only ever got my Riot 20s after years of lust because I found them for less than $100 on Amazon by chance.

    Also yellow wedges. I die of jealousy.

  9. I'm having major shoe envy right now!

  10. Ahh awesome shoes! I love the Jeffrey Campbell, though I'm so clumsy I'm sure I'd find a way to overbalance them and I NEED those Aldo wedges!

    Your cats are stunning, I'm glad Kirk is feeling better :)

    I have a weird super long white hair but mine is on my check and grows back, it makes me feel like a hag :(

    Also I have Apocalips but haven't worn it yet, thanks for reminding me. I always thought Apocalypse was a really rubbish baddie, he was just too powerful I didn't find it very interesting.

  11. Holy moly SHOE PORN!!! Sorry about your trusty boots and it sucks that your replacements don't work for you. I have a pair of Demonias with all the buckles like that but there the platforms, not the heels. My foot kinda slid around in them until I started messing with all the straps. Now I've got the first two buckles as small as it will go and the shoes fit great.
    Loving those neon heels too. BAD ASS! :D

    1. LOL, they're (not there). I'm watching TV while I'm typing. :D

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  13. This just makes me want more shoes. I haven't bought girly shoes (shoes that aren't lame o runners) in years. YEARS WOMAN! I really love those lime wedges

  14. Cats are so sassy and shitty, that's why I love them so. >:-) I'm not at all surprised at what yours resorted to to look out the window, they're very smart. Mine have done that before too. Lol. And the eyelash, I would've had to carefully cut that sucker off. Haha That's never happened to me. I have a clump in the middle of my left eye that falls out sometimes though. Don't know why...