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Monday, April 16, 2012

Worksafe Monday: Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 Palettes

YOU MAY WANT TO SKIP THIS POST. I know you have seen these 1000000000000000000000 times. You don't have to look. I am a completeness freak and when I get makeup I must post swatches of it. Since the first Urban Decay Naked palette came out, I had ignored both the original and Naked 2. The looks people did with them were gorgeous, but I felt it would be rather boring to buy a whole palette of neutrals. However,  after seeing 100000000000000000 posts with swatches and looks featuring the Naked palettes, a light bulb went off in my brain. What do I do almost every day........go to work. What type of makeup do I wear........neutral. I then decided to procure both palettes to make my work makeup routine less boring and to boost my neutral eyeshadow collection. I am pleased to say that I have been using both of these for every work look I have done for the past two months and I am not bored yet! There are so many different things you can do with these palettes!


Get out of the way, James!!! He would not cooperate when I was trying to take pictures.
I prefer the metal packaging of Naked 2 to the original which is made of a velvety material. The velvet tends to get powder and cat hair in it easily so it always looks a bit dirty.


Top: Naked 2. Bottom: Naked
There is only one eyeshadow that is the same in both of these palettes and it is Half Baked. I was surprised to find that the brushes included with these palettes were both well made and good quality. Also, Naked came with a mini primer potion (love this stuff) and Naked 2 came with a lipgloss. Naked seems to have more dark and warm colours whereas Naked 2 has more cool-toned shadows. All of the eyeshadows are excellent in texture and pigmentation except for Sidecar in Naked (worst glitter fallout EVER, which is too bad because it's an awesome colour) and Blackout in Naked 2 (very chalky). I wish that they had included a few more matte shades in these palettes; this would make them a lot better for more worksafe types of looks. However, the shiny, sparkly, and metallic shades make the palettes very versatile. Not only are these great for work looks, they also have sparkly and dark and metallic shades that can be used for going out. One might even be able to do a goth look with them.........muahahahaahaaaaaaaaa. 


From left to right: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half-Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal.


From left to right: Foxy, Half-Baked, Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol, Verve, YDK, Busted, Blackout.

I'm sure everyone and their dog has these by now, but I would highly recommend them if you don't. They are extremely versatile and you get 12 high quality eyeshadows along with a good brush in each for approximately $ 60 CAD (depending on if you get them on sale or not), which is a great deal considering that higher end eyeshadows often cost $12 or more on their own. I have got a ton of use out of both of these in the couple of months that I've had them and I can't believe it took me so long to get on the Naked bandwagon!

Do you have either of these palettes? Which one of them is your favourite?



  1. Oh I love both of the Naked palettes! It sounds like you're putting these to good use, I'd love to see looks that you do with them... Especially if you attempt a goth look with these!

  2. I don't have them! Hahaha. I bought the first one before my allergy test and then gave it to my mom, who liked it. I have debated the second one since it's made with their newer formula (paraben-free!) but I don't know...I don't know if I'd use it!!! Aggggh.

  3. Im just finished editing a tutorial with the Naked2 palette (will be up in a few days) but I totally agree. They are excellent palettes. Only why did they include Half Baked in both palettes? It's not even that nice. Wouldn't including Naked in both make more sense? I feel like emailing urban Decay and demanding an answer haha. X

  4. I have the Naked2 palette only. I was disappointed by Tease, but the other colors seemed decent.

  5. Hooray for both palettes! I'm not the only one who got both. I regularly use both so I don't regret that at all.

  6. I have them both and i use them all the time ! When i'm in a hurry i grab one of those naked palettes . Naked 2 is my favorite one .

  7. Haha, I love your no-buy disclaimer :D

  8. ahahahaaaaaa i'm so glad you joined the bandwagon!!! these palettes never get old, they are just genius :DDD

  9. I have the Naked 2 and I love it! The palette is so sturdy and it is so easy to throw a look together early in the morning. Great swatches!