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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Silk Naturals Lip and Cheek Review and Swatches

Earlier this year, I was contacted by Silk Naturals to see if I would be interested in reviewing any of their products. I asked to try some lip and cheek products as I had only tried their eyeshadows in the past. I was sent three blush samples and three full-sized lip products. I was quite pleased to find that I really love all of the colours of everything they sent me even though it was a surprise!!



From left to right: Shrieking Violet Liquid Lip Gloss, Doll Lip Stain, Electra Amplifying Lip Glaze, Cosmic Blush, Tart Blush, Galaxy Blush.



THE GOOD:  These blushes have nice pigmentation and apply very smoothly. Silk Naturals has a great variety of pretty colours to choose from on their website. I really like the three colours that they sent me, the two pink shades are perfect colours for spring and summer, and Galaxy turned out to be my surprise favourite. It looked very brown in the pot but I ended up loving it; it was very flattering on me and I didn't have any blushes like it. I would highly recommend checking this one out!

THE BAD: I find I really need to be careful with Cosmic. When I apply it at the start of the day it looks like a perky wash of pink but it tends to darken quite a bit as my face gets oilier through the day. I know that this happens with many powder products but it is particularly an issue in my case with Cosmic.

THE VERDICT: Silk Naturals has a great selection of pretty blushes. I'll definitely be purchasing a full size of Galaxy and a few more colours as well!


THE GOOD: This is definitely an excellent stain in my books. It lasts all day, yet it is easy to remove and I don't have any residual colour the next day! I like the fact that I can play around with it in order to make the colour deeper or lighter and  you can also easily layer other products over it such as a gloss to change the finish without disrupting the colour underneath.

THE BAD: It's fairly drying, though this is the case with most lip stains. One could easily layer a balm over top of it if you have this problem, however.

THE VERDICT: This stain is easy to apply with a doe-foot applicator. It is very versatile; The colour is buildable and it works well for layering (I really love the colour that I got as well!).  It is a bit drying to my lips, but it lasts all throughout my workday, including lunch and drinking a bunch of coffee.


THE GOOD: This product has a really neat texture, it is almost like a gel. It applies very smoothly and gave an excellent sheen to my lips. It provides a sheer layer of colour that is easy to wear and flattering, there is also a nice sparkle to the colour that I got. I felt that this particular product was also moisturizing to my lips and very comfortable to wear.

THE BAD: This product is supposed to be a lip plumper. It gives a bit of a tingle to my lips but I don't see a noticeable plumping effect. It is also not particularly long-wearing.

THE VERDICT: I think these are a great product to carry in your purse or bring to work for when you want to throw on a moisturizing and wearable lip colour. I carry this with me and use it all the time when I need to add something extra to my makeup as it provides sheer colour that goes with everything. I don't really think it works well as lip plumper, however.


THE GOOD: I really like this product. The texture is just excellent; it's smooth and not sticky and applies evenly for a lovely shine. This is one of the best indie gloss formulations that I have tried!

THE BAD: It isn't particularly long-wearing. It is a gloss, however, and most glosses will need touchups throughout the day.

THE VERDICT: If you like indie glosses, I think you'll like these! The texture is lovely.



This is my "Oh, crap I really need a coffee/OH CRAP I put on too much makeup to go to work again" face. I look like I could use a few more hours of "beauty sleep" lol!

This colour shows up a bit more purple-y in real life (see arm swatch above for a more true representation of the colour). It looks more sheer in these photos than it looks in real life and it has a lot more sparkle and shine to it than I was able to capture on camera. I really like this colour!!



This one has a lot more colour to it in real life.
If you're wanting to try out a Silk Naturals lip gloss, I would recommend this colour. It is a gorgeous pink with a bit of a violet sheen and can be worn both brightly or more sheerly. I think it would be flattering on a wide range of people.




In my opinon, Silk Naturals is an indie company that is very professional and offers great customer service. They have a well-laid out website and a large variety of  nicely-packaged products to choose from. Overall, I have been very happy with the products that I have tried. They offer vegan options and it is easy to find ingredient information on their site which is great for people who avoid certain things in cosmetics. This is definitely a company that I would feel comfortable recommending to others. Please feel free to share your opinions/thoughts in the comments.

Availability: Silk Naturals website

DISCLAIMER: Products in this post were sent for review and were NOT purchased by me. I believe that my reviews are honest and I have also given this company a positive review (click here) prior to them sending me samples. I have tested all of these products by actually wearing them in my daily activities, not just swatching them. I was free to review these products as I saw fit. For more information, please see my BORING CRAP ALERT page.


  1. Yay, it's nice to see a post from you! Hope you're doing well. That lip stain looks GORGEOUS on you. I love Silk Naturals' lip products. I need to try their blushes now.

  2. *gets nostalgic* Silk Naturals were the first indie I ever bought from, because I was drawn in by their MAC clones. I haven't tried many of their lip products, but I want to! <3

  3. All of the lip and cheek products look really lovely on you! I've been into pink shades lately, and I love the look of that Shrieking Violet lip gloss.

  4. These are such pretty colors, I love the shades on you. I STILL have not tried Silk Naturals... Can't believe it! Thanks for the review, and it's good seeing a new post from you! We miss you! :P (says the blogger who hasn't posted in a couple of weeks...)

  5. I really need to check out SN stains and lip glazes! These look awesome! I see why you like Galaxy! Beautiful color. All of your looks with these products are so stunning!

  6. the second to last look is fantastic!! I love it when you wear pink!!! and those glossesssss.... yummm!!!

  7. Great colours! I really like Silk Naturals too. Shrieking Violet was probably my most worn gloss for a long while...this reminds me, I should pull it out again :)

  8. nice post ! i love your collections and your makeup is very adorable..check my blog when you have time and if you like it follow me and i will sure follow you back love..would love to see more post from ya.