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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm WAY Behind!

Oh my, I am way behind on my blogging!! Well, I'm always way behind, as I don't go on the computer every day like most people do but I'm REALLY behind at this point!

At the end of May, I went to Montreal for a week for Festival Kinetik. Then when I got back, it was time to pack up my crap! My husband and I bought our first house and our posession date was in June. We had to get as much of it as we could done early as we were going to be out of town for several days for a family wedding. I was rather irritated to have all of my stuff in boxes again as I just moved one year ago!

After we moved, it took FOREVER to unpack all of our boxes! Also, our cats both went insane in the membrane. Cats really do not like change and they are taking quite awhile to adjust to their new surroundings.


At first, we were all like "WOOO, WE LIVE IN A HOUSE NOW!!! WE HAVE A HOT TUB!!!" And then we were like, "Oh crap, all we have is a bed and a couch. I have to shop for furniture and paint and mow the lawn and get pool chemicals and decorations........" and the list of things to do goes on and on. We rented small spaces for the last 9 years so we never had to do any of these things during that time and I'm finding that trying to work full time, go to the gym regularly, and get all your house crap done is very time consuming! Thus, we are also trying to set up a gym in the basement so I can cancel my gym membership. I HATE GOING TO THE GYM!!!! We were hoping to get a bunch of stuff done on the long weekend but it turns out that God Module, X-Rx, Aesthetic Perfection, Left Spine Down, and Imperative Reaction were all playing that weekend so we didn't get many house-related tasks done (FAIL!).

Anyway, uh, how about some makeup? Here are two red lipsticks that I got sort of recently!


Right: MAC Runaway Red. This is now one of my favourite reds!

Left: Avon Charged Cherry. My mom gave it to me because she didn't like it. I think it's a nice, summery, pinkish red.

Avon Charged Cherry is on the left, MAC Runaway red on the right.

In summary having a house and going out to too many industrial shows is a lot of work. I apologize for me floating around in your comments box 2 weeks after you posted something!!!!

Bye for now! I'm off to weed the lawn and look at paint samples! *boring* *gag*


  1. Oh hun its nice to see you back to blogging, missed your make up looks. I hate moving!! So stressful. I hope you get used to everything :)

    Clairey xx

  2. Congratulations!!!! Home ownership is awesome. You make me miss my old hot tub. :(
    Glad you're back. I hear ya on the blogging, getting behind, etc.... story of my life.
    MAC Runway Read? um... yes please.

  3. I was wondering where you were! Congratulations on your new house! That all sounds exciting and overwhelming at the same time. That photo of your cat is hilarious and I needed that on this boring, blah Tuesday afternoon. I hate going to the gym, too. Of all the mindless things X_X

    MAC Runaway Red is fabulous. I love.

  4. Yeah.... Home ownership isn't all it's cracked up to be. Lots of work! But congrats! We will still be here when you get back to regular blogging!

  5. These lipsticks are beautiful. Congratulations about your house; moving is stressful, but hopefully this means you'll be able to settle in and not move again for quite awhile!

  6. Congratulations on your new home! Hopefully your kitties will get used to it. We just moved and the cat made a point to pee everywhere inside my closet. And on the couch. They sure are sensitive! And I always love your late comments. I look forward to them every time and am disappointed when they don't come, haha.

  7. That sounds like insanity. How you managed to hop on your blog for a quick post, I don't even know. Good luck with everything!

  8. aaaawwww I love your cat!!! Tell him he'll get used to it lol Congratulations on the move!!!

  9. heheheheh where are my old house lol Kitties are goofballs. Congrats on the house! I'm not looking forward to packing all my junk up. I need to toss most of it. We went from a bigger apt to this smaller one and needed the big uhaul. I've bought tons of junk since then, HOW MUCH CAN ONE POOR TRUCK HOLD! hahahah.
    And home gym FTW! That's kind of what my mom's basement is like right now except it's kind of blocked in by the junk we didn't take with us to Winnipeg lol. I am a lousy hoarding kid.

  10. Ugh, moving sucks! I hope it all goes smoothly.