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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quick Swatches: Milani

Recently, while shopping for completely unrelated items, some sparklies from a Milani display caught my eye. Milani is not a brand that I am hugely familiar with so I thought I would try out a couple of things.

I purchased a couple of their Infinite Liquid Eyeliners as well as a Crystal Eyez Sparkling Eye Shadow.



I really liked the colours of both of the eyeliners but the brush applicator tips are of poor quality in my opinon and they apply rather messily. I didn't care for the consistency of these liners; they are a bit thick for my tastes. I purchased the Crystal Eyez shadow simply because its holographic sparkle caught my eye. This shadow is a clear, slightly tinted gel that is loaded with sparkles. It works HORRIBLY as an eyeshadow on its own but it is EXCELLENT for layering over other shadows to add some glitter!

From left to right: Cryztal Eyez shadow in Lovely and Luminous (smudged out and thick line), Infinite Liquid Eyeliner in Infinite and Endless.

A closeup of Lovely and Luminous. Look at that holographic sparkle!!!
As I mentioned above, I was initally really disappointed by Lovely and Luminous as it doesn't hold up on its own as an eyeshadow on me. However, I find it looks REALLY neat over top of other shadows! I will be posting a look soon to show you!
Have you ever tried the Milani Crystal Eyez shadows? Did they work well for you?
DISCLAIMER: Products were purchased by me. I am not affiliated with this company.


  1. Never tried the shadow, but I'm not much for liquidy/gel things on my eyelids so I don't think it and I would be friends. I do have the blue liner, though, and kind of like it. The brush is definitely not easy to work with, but I love the pigmentation.

  2. These all look a little too wet for me, haha. I have one of their eye liners - one with a felt pen tip - and while I like it, I think it makes my eye lid itch...weird.

  3. I honestly hate Milani. I see so many pretty things but I know they'll be crap and yet I buy them any way. They're always crap. Always. Even the things that aren't horrible still require extra effort to make work (like the jumbo eyeshadow pencils).

  4. Crystal Eyez looks really neat, but I know I'd be intimidated putting a cream over a powder shadow! Looks, pleeeeease :D

  5. I got the Crystal Eyez in brown, but haven't had a chance to use it yet. It's disappointing that it doesn't cover any better than that. I love how it adds the holo sparklies to your look though!