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Friday, November 9, 2012

Venomous Cosmetics

Once again, here is some awesome stuff that I got a LONG time ago! I haven't see a post about Venomous Cosmetics for quite some time but in my opinion, they make awesome stuff!! I ordered some lip poisons, loose shadows, and one pressed eyeshadow to try.


Everything in my order came neatly and securely packaged. I got two free samples and a pen which I thought was nice. Their loose eyeshadows come in sifter jars with the ingredients listed inside the lid and a label on the bottom of the jar.


From left to right: Futuristic, Faraway Galaxy , Eyelash Viper, Distant Planet (pressed), Coral Snake, Bravest Astronaut.

From left to right: Wilted Roses, Supernova, Sunspot, Miss Independent, In Orbit. 
Overall, I think Venomous Cosmetics offers some really great colours with really neat names! My favourites are Eyelash Viper, Wilted Roses, Coral Snake, and In Orbit. In Orbit is one of those netural/wearable yet interesting and sparkly shades and Coral Snake is just gorgeous. It's hard to find a good coral eyeshadow! Wilted Roses ended up being my favourite as it is dark and sparkly; too bad it was only a sample! Eyelash Viper is an awesome orange-ish yellow and I just love the name!
Distant Planet, the pressed shadow, is a gorgeous colour with a great shift to it. Not all indie companies offer pressed shadows so I was excited to try this one. Venomous has done a great job with these; Distant Planet was soft and smooth, well-pigmented, and easy to blend!

I was originally attracted to Venomous Cosmetics after seeing a post featuring their Lip Poisons. I am a weird lip colour whore so I had to try these! They are somewhat similar to Fyrinnae's Lip Lustres but I would say they are thicker and a bit stickier. I personally quite enjoy the formulation of this product! They wear well on their own or as a layering product. My only complaint was that the labels smudged quite easily.


From left to right: Starship, Oxygen Deprivation, One Crazy Night in Bangkok, Deep Space, Corrupt.
Overall, I have had a good experience with this company. I had no problems with shipping, ordering, or customer service. The quality and uniqueness of their products is excellent. I would definitely recommend trying out some stuff from Venomous Cosmetics if you're looking for something new!
Have you ever tried anything from Venomous Cosmetics?


  1. I LOVE those lip colors, especially Oxygen Deprivation & Deep Space! I've never heard of this brand, but these colors are are very cool. They look like a lot if fun to play with!

  2. The lip colors are awesome! I love seeing different lip colors like this, even though I never wear them, haha! I especially love the green and the dark blue.