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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Xmas and Handmade Gifts

At this time of the year, I celebrate a secular version of Christmas that I refer to as Xmas. I always go back to my hometown to see my friends and family; I could only get time off last week so I had a bit of an early get-together with my family. For Xmas eve at my own house, I did present opening with my "husband" and cats and then sat around all day listening to old Revolting Cocks records that I found at a used CD store while reading blogs! On Xmas day, I may or may not have got drunk on mead and watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation ("HALLELUJAH HOLY SH*T WHERE'S THE TYLENOL!?!?" Don't we all feel a bit like that at this time of the year sometimes?) I am not much into festivities, I just like to have a couple of quiet days off at home sometimes. As long as I get to visit my friends and family back home at some point, I'm good.

Here is my very goth Xmas tree; YES, it is BLACK!!! (Yet it somehow still looks Xmas-appropriate.) To the person out there somewhere who thought to make and sell a BLACK pre-lit artificial tree: you are f*cking awesome!!! 

Have a very goth xmas!!
One of my favourite parts of going back home is seeing my good friend that I have known forever. We had a great time hanging out with her and her boyfriend at the house that she just bought. I always get awesome handmade gifts for Xmas and my birthday from her (if you read my blog regularly you've likely seen me wearing her handmade creations many times before) and I just wanted to show a couple of those here. 


The perfect gift for the disgruntled yet hygiene-conscious pharmacist on your list!


For these she got a plain black pair of shoe boots and PAINSTAKINGLY applied EACH CRYSTAL to the heels BY HAND. MY GOD, that must have taken forever! Look at the close up detail:

Sorry for the cat hair, it is courtesy of Twiggy whom you can see in the background of this picture.

RANDOM FACT: I wore my crystal shoes to go see CRYSTAL CASTLES awhile back! Awesome shoes, awesome band!

Alice Glass
I hope everyone enjoys the holidays and gets to spend whichever holiday they celebrate with their family and friends! If you don't celebrate any holiday at this time of the year, then have an awesome day!

 Happy Holidays  from Twiggy Ramirez and James T. Kirk
What do you celebrate at this time of the year?


  1. LOVE the tree and the shoes! Good to hear that you had a good holiday :)

  2. I love your tree, those soaps (amazeballs!!) and your kitties! And the time and care she put into those boots! You couldn't buy anything like that, ever! So glad you ha a great holiday! :)

  3. Your kitties! I love the face James T. Kirk is making. Plus I just like thinking about his name, lol. Glad you had a nice Xmas! Your tree actually does look sort of traditional at a glance, but then you see that it's black and edgy when you look closer. I like that a lot.

  4. Aww! I'm so glad you had a good 'Xmas' ;D I adore how you named your kitty after Twiggy! I love Marilyn Manson so much (I even have 2 Manson inspired tattoos, heh! Nerdy hardcore fan here :) ) and I got to see Twiggy play live with Manson before the 'split' and I got to see him live with NiN after the split when he went by Jerode White and stopped wearing makeup. Sorry I went off on a tangent there. Your kitties are cute, your tree is darling, and I wish I would have known about those soaps for my boyfriend's sister's husband. He's a pharmacist and also the hardest to shop for every stinking year! Heh!

  5. Haha, we have mini black christmas trees, we call them funeral trees. ;P

    Love those boots, amazing attention to detail with the placement of the crystals.


  6. Those shoes are GORGEOUS. I can't even imagine how long that took! The soaps are also super cute! We celebrate Christmas but aren't religious (at least, my husband and I aren't, hahaha) and we had a relaxing day at home, too. I like those kinds of days.

  7. Your friend sounds awesome. I know someone who embellishes shoes and YES, it takes forever! Lovely gifts, lovely tee.

  8. Sweet tree!!! I ended up decorating my tree even though I fly home for xmas and that sucker stayed up until March. It makes a sweet ass lamp! hahahaha. My tree is white and the ornaments are mostly black. I have a red set I was going to toss on but too much red and white just make it look to valentines-y. Worse so are the red hearts in the kit. Blech. DAMN YOU IKEA SETS! Other reason for not opening the second kit, it just means I have to pull that many more off later :D NO BUENO.
    My full size tree shots sucked but here's a little closeup http://www.flickr.com/photos/pa1nt3d_axsdenied/8215458570/in/photostream :D