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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Festival Kinetik 2012 Phase 1

Hello! Please excuse my late comments recently, I have been quite ill this month. Not really the best start-off to a new year :( Hopefully I'll come out of it soon!

Anyway, here's my makeup from Phase 1 of Festival Kinetik. Black and yellow was my theme for this look. Some of the bands we saw that day were Projekt F,Winterkalte Adversary, Nachtmahr, and Combichrist.

FACE: MAC Prep and Prime, MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC15, MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15.

BROWS: MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Stud.

CHEEKS: SoBe Botanical Duochrome Blush in Nouveau.

LIPS: Illamasqua Pristine and MAC Lipmix in Black with Medusa's Makeup Big Bird Eye Dust on top.

EYES: Base: UDPP, MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre, NYX JEP's in Milk and Black Bean.
Eyeshadows: Sugarpill Buttercupcake, Concrete Minerals Black Metal, Inglot Matte 323, Inglot AMC 64.
Eyeliners: Maybelline Liquid Black Eyeliner, Persephone Minerals Venus Love and Beauty Shock (foiled).
Mascara: Lise Watier 24 Hours Glam.






Synth Dreads: Par moi.
Goggles: I Kick Shins.
Necklace: ArtWithLatex.
Dress and Gloves: Polymorphe.
Tights: Ebay.
Boots: Demonia.




One of the things I love about Montreal is that people there are unafraid of the goths. The two of us were trying to take a picture of ourselves without much success at 2 AM and this sophisticated-looking lady nonchalantly walks up and politely asks, "Would you like me to take your picture for you?" YES PLEASE!! 


  1. Omg, your makeup is freaking stunning!!! And it looks so good with that awesome dress! That's awesome about the people in Montreal. I wish more people were so open minded! It's crazy how differently my boyfriend gets treated when he hides his sleeves.

    I'm so sorry you've been sick. I've been sick for the last 3 weeks and it's hell on urf! I hope you feel better soon <3

  2. That dress is AMAZING. So cool! Will have to steal this look to try as well!

  3. As usual , just stunning :)
    Hope you feel better now ?

  4. This yellow look is INCREDIBLE. I actually love the look of yellow eyeshadow, but it's hard to find a nice one that's actually pigmented, and then I never know what to do with it besides a wash of color on the lid or something simple.

    I hope you're feeling better! I had a nasty cold last week, as well, and it really just sucked big time, especially since I'm so swamped at school. Hopefully that's the last of it for a good long while!

  5. Wow, I love the black and yellow look. Might have to play around with eyeshadow on top of my lipstick now. Those tights and that dress are fantastic too.

    Isn't it awesome when people aren't phased by what you're wearing? When I even just wear all black in Stockport people look at me like I have two heads, but Manchester has a big alternative scene, so no one bats an eyelash.

  6. Maybe I should move to Montreal. It's really not all that far from where I currently am any way. I'm sick of soccer moms glaring at me LOL. I'd just move downstate to NYC if I could afford it.

  7. You look amazing! Awesome yellow and black makeup.

  8. Oh wow, you are soo rocking the look! Not how Ill ever dress but you do it so well. I love that dress and the tights, so sexy and rwar!!

  9. God you're amazing!!!!!!!! I wanna high five ya!!
    And you've managed to have yellow and black together without making it brown!!! Yiha!!
    Amazing flicks in the corner of the eye as well!!! You're awesome!/Azure

  10. Fantastic! I absolutely love the shape of the eyes. You're amazing!