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Friday, January 18, 2013

Inglot Swatches

Inglot has been a very popular makeup brand with bloggers over the past couple of years and now that I have tried out some of their stuff I can see why! They have a very large selection of products and colours and the quality of everything that I've tried is really good. It is also a higher quality brand that is comparatively affordable, albeit less so in Canada as the prices are higher here than in the U.S. and elsewhere.

I purchased one liquid eyeliner, two of the AMC lipglosses, and a 20-pan eyeshadow palette which just so happened to be on sale when I purchased it. SCORE! I enjoy the packaging of Inglot products, it is simple and sleek.



The Freedom System palettes offered by Inglot are an excellent idea in my opinon. They come in a variety of sizes and can be filled with one's own selection of eye, lip, and/or cheek products. They are really well made with heavy-feeling materials. The covers for their palettes are made from thick plastic that is held in place by VERY strong magnets! At first, I found it hard to get the cover off of mine but my husband suggested sliding it upwards as in the above photo which works much better than my nail-breaking version of prying it straight up (he's pretty pleased with himself over that). It is also kind of hard to remove your pans from the palette but I found that if you use one of the magnets in the corner of the cover you can lift them out easily as seen below.


I tried to make my palette worthwhile and versatile. I chose bright and fun shades, dark and sparkly shades, and neutral shades such that I can use my palette for work as well as more interesting types of makeup. I made sure that I included several of the matte shades in my palette as high quality matte shadows are hard to find but Inglot offers smooth and highly pigmented ones. Inglot has a horribly confusing way of naming their eyeshadows which I will not get into here; I wish the eyeshadows just had names or numbers or something. The abbreviations stand for something or other but I can't really be bothered to look into it. Anyway, on to the swatches!


From left to right: Matte 343,  Matte 323, AMC 51, Matte 366, DS 495.

From left to right:AMC 59, AMC 58, Matte 372, Matte 338, AMC 73.

From left to right: DS 459, AMC 65 (black with blue sparkle), AMC 64 (black with gold sparkle), AMC 62 (black with pink sparkle), AMC 74.

From left to right: Pearl 434, DS 458, Matte 342, Matte 349, Matte 353.

It is pretty hard to see any of the awesome sparkles in the swatch pictures, unfortunately :(


AMC 543

AMC 541

Left: AMC 541, Right: AMC 543.

The lipglosses have the coolest colour shifts EVER! If you have a chance to pick one of the AMC glosses up, I highly recommend it as they are very unique.

Have you ever tried Inglot Cosmetics? What did you think of their products?


  1. AMC 541 gloss looks exactly like a $1.99 Jessie's Girl gloss I bought last year. It's super pretty on the lips, the color shift isn't lost at all. I'm sure the Inglot gloss will be just as nice.

  2. Those glosses look amazing. I haven't branched out into anything Inglot but shadows. Truthfully I'm not much for gloss so I don't even think I would use them. I could look at those swatches forever, though, so cool!

  3. DS means Double Sparkle, AMC means advanced makeup component, and there are AMC and AMC shine - the shines are a between satin and shimmer and according to the Inglot lady, AMC means more pigmented or some BS. And then there are pearls and mattes and blehhhh, confusing! They do all have a MAC equivalent though which I don't remember. Anyway, I LOVE your palette choices! Thier matted really do rule.

  4. I really want to make a matte Inglot palette! They look really awesome.

  5. I'd totally love a palette from them full of nudes, gold, pinks and peaches! And omg, those glosses are sooo fabulous! I'd love the second peachy one!

  6. So many pretty colours! That orange shade is so pretty. I generally feel uncomfortable wearing brightly coloured clothing, but makeup is definitely the exception for me lol
    By the way, I've got an award for you on my blog =)

  7. Ohh I love Inglot! I keep meaning to buy some of those AMC glosses because they're amazing but always forget for some reason!

  8. I love Inglot. I have both of these glosses and I love them.