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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Burlesque Goth

I see that a lot of ladies are starting to put spring-y types of looks on their blogs.....not me! There is enough snow in my yard to choke a horse and it's been 20 degrees below zero (celsius) this week! Sometimes we still have snow all through May so spring looks will have to wait.

The month of February makes me think of lace and red and stockings and such, so I feel it is a perfect time to be posting some of my cabaret/burlesque goth looks. One of my favourite things about the goth music and club scene is that you can get creative and wear a variety of different styles. I usually like to wear clothes that fall more in to the cyber category, but I am getting bored with that and have been trying out cabaret/burlesque styles lately. This style involves elements such as garter belts, stockings, fans, corsets,etc; I suppose it could be described as burlesque-type outfits with a gothic twist.

FACE: MAC Prep and Prime, MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NC15, MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC15.

BROWS: MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Stud.

CHEEKS: Silk Naturals Blush in Galaxy.

LIPS: NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Deep Red, NYX Round Lipstick in Snow White.

EYES:Base: UDPP, MAC Prep and Prime, NYX JEP in Black Bean.
Eyeshadows: Sugarpill Asylum, Estee Lauder Cyber Eyes Cyber Green, My Pretty Zombie Epistaxis.
Eyeliners: Maybelline Black Liquid Eyeliner, Inglot Liquid Liner in 67 Silver, Annabelle Glitterama Liquid Eyeliner in Atomic Red.
Mascara: Maybelline The Falsies and Hard Candy Lash Tinsel in Spellbound.
False Eyelashes: Red Cherry #102 Black.




I used a bunch of Estee Lauder Cyber Green, it looks mostly black here but it gives off a bit of a dark green shimmer in different lighting. It is a great shadow!



Step 1: Glue a feather and a small faux rose to a hair clip with glue gun.

....aaaaaaand we're DONE!!!

I made this clip because most hair flowers I find are HUGE which makes them difficult to wear with short hair.


Hair clip: DIY by me
Necklace: Le Chateau
Shrug: From a local corset shop (did not have a brand on it)
Bra that is too small for me but it is the biggest one they make: Lip Service
Armwarmers: DIY by me
Corset: Louise Black
Skirt: Lip Service
Garter Belt: Coquette
Stockings: Ebay
Shoes: Hades Eiffel
Cat: My baby girl Twiggy Ramirez


One of my favourite new finds for my wardrobe is this shrug! It can be worn with many different things to change up an outfit. I love all the different lace and materials and I love that it ties in the back so as to be adjustable! It has these cute little chains with crosses hanging down from the one side of it as well! Shrugs unfortunately emphasize the fact that I am broad-shouldered but on the plus side they hide my upper arms which I do not like.

Are you ready for spring makeup yet or are you still stuck in winter colours like me? 


  1. Hahaha your DIY hair clip tutorial was amazing. I feel like it's promising I could succeed. Maybe.

    You really do this goth/bulesque thing well. I think they are actually some of my favorites!

  2. That shrug is awesome! I like that is so many different textures, but it doesn't come off looking random or odd. It's also a nice cut - short enough to still show off whatever else you wear but covers just enough, as you've said.

  3. You look amazing!!! That shrug is also an incredible find. I love it!

  4. You look great! The shrug looks very detailed and interesting, I would love to see something like this here in Germany!

  5. The shrug is unfathomably gorgeous-- with the entire outfit, just immaculate!

    Well I don't know the first thing about seasonal makeup, but I'd assume that winter/fall means darker colors, and spring would be bright ones... I'd say that no, I am definitely not looking forward to it lol. I love all my colors dark and sultry ;)

  6. You look great! Nothing wrong with changing it up ;)
    I'm still in winter mode, it's freezing and all I want to do is wear a goth sack made of thick black sweater material. =D

  7. It's going to be winter here until at least the 2nd week of April and it's windy, cold, damp and dreary right now. I am so not thinking spring or bright colors. I can't remember the last time the sun was out lol.

  8. Your makeup is to die for! And I definitely love the corset, which I remember from your concert outfit. Twiggy even loves it, haha! <3

  9. Wow! You look incredible. I love Sugarpill Asylum. I really need to whip it out again.

  10. LOVE ALL THE THINGS. I would like to comment politley on how marvellous your frontage is looking. I love that shrug as well!

  11. You look insanely amazing. I LOVE your eyeshadow and the wispy lashes. And your outfit is just stunning. Well done on being awesome.

  12. Cute! I love that corset. The wispy lashes are so much fun!

  13. You look absolutely amazing! I love this look, it suits you perfectly aswell. You are truly a "Sin Up Girl" in our eyes!