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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Femme Fatale Cosmetics

A few months ago, I placed an order with the Australian indie company Femme Fatale Cosmetics (FFC). It is run by the lady who used to have a makeup blog called Ethereal Beauty. They offer a wide selection of blush and loose eyeshadow. Recently, they have started offering nail polish made by FFC and several other brands. Unfortunately, the nail polishes are only available to Australian customers (which is due to shipping restrictions). I ordered 12 loose eyeshadows and the full set of sample size blushes. Shipping was very quick considering that these were being shipped from Australia to Canada.


As you can see, everything was very nicely packaged for shipping. I enjoy the packaging of the loose shadows. The label on top is simple and clean.

The labels on the bottom of the jars are great because they list all ingredients and whether or not the product is lip safe or vegan. This company DOES offer vegan choices and they have an option to shop under that specific category on their website.

I received a very generous 7 free samples with my order!  The samples are packaged in labelled baggies. There is enough product for several uses in each bag. I did not receive samples of anything that I purchased which I appreciate; it's a good thing when companies pay attention to detail!


From left to right: Unholy, Sunfire, Shooting Stars, Mysticism, Moonglow, Flare, Dreamstate.

Unholy is such a neat colour! It looks black in the bag, but when you put it on it has this awesome green shift!! Note that these photos don't do any of these colours justice. Most of them are complex and shift in different lighting! Shooting Stars is another favourite, it is a nice soft purple with a great shimmer that I like to wear in my work looks.


From left to right: Dispersion, Demon Soul, Desecration,Crimson Fury, Blood's Shadow, Astral Recall.

From left to right: Nexus, Jinx, Inner Madness, Illusions, Flowers From Flames, Eternal Trance.

Note: If you are considering ordering from FFC, get EITHER Jinx or Nexus, they look almost the same in the swatches and in the pots, I can't tell which pot is which.

From left to right: The Nightmare,The Dark One, Spirit Bond, Shadow Dance, Polymorph, Poison.

Please note that these photos do not show the complexity of these colours! They are awesome!  If you would care to see some swatches done by someone with skills in photography, click here and here to see some from Prettymaking. The FFC website also has great photographs of the colours.


A good thing about the blushes offered by FFC is that they have some matte selections as well as shimmery options!


From left to right: Heaven Peach, Fortune Cookie, Fire Bloom, Fierce, Exotic, Aspect.

From left to right: Moonberry Rebel, Sunkissed Wine, Snowplum,Tranquil, Velvet Cupcake.

In summary, I was very impressed by the quality of the products offered, especially the loose eyeshadows. There are a wide range of complex colours to choose from. The company seems to be run in a professional manner, I had no issues with customer service and the website is very professional looking. Another great thing about the website is that they show very clear pictures and swatches of each colour which makes purchasing much easier.

I would definitely order again from this company and I would highly recommend them. I would really like to try out a few of their nail polishes, too bad they cannot be shipped here!

Availability: Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Have you ever tried anything from this company? What did you think?

***DISCLAIMER: All products purchased by me. Free samples were sent with purchase and were NOT intended for review purposes. All opinions on this company are my own and honest. I am not affiliated with this company in any way. For more information on my disclaimers, please refer to the BORING CRAP ALERT page.***


  1. You have some nice gems here , i already have a few of them and i really love these . I need to place another order soon :)

  2. I love, love, love FFC! Desecration is the most amazing eyeshadow.

  3. Oh my, Dispersion, Demon Soul, and Desecration are stunning! I love the shifts and contrasts so utterly much. I just may have to purchase some samples thanks to your review, I hope they're as beautiful on me as they seem on you-- I'm hoping they're not too altered by my darker skin tone.

  4. I love the purples and browns! They're so complex! I'd love to layer them on gold, silver or black bases! They'd be awesome worn as liners too! Have fun!

  5. Never heard of this complany before, but right now I would love unholy and poison! Gorgeous colours, can't wait to see what you do with them. :)

  6. This looks like such a neat line, those blushes look super pretty... I am such a sucker for blush.

  7. Femme Fatale are one of my fave companies <3 they stock their nail polishes in quite a few international shops now, I think it should be listed on their website!

  8. You can purchase FFC nail polishes at www.harlowandco.org. :)

  9. luuuuurve Femme Fatale, I don't wear my samples nearly as much as I should. Such pretty shades

  10. I now have new costume powder ideas for my next attempt at looking like a necromancer at the D&D games. The skullhoodie and inverted pentagram didnt sell the "EVIL DUNGEON MASTER" look. So great I found these.