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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Too Faced

Awhile ago my friend got me some stuff from Too Faced cosmetics for a gift. It was actually a brand that I had not tried before and I was really impressed with the excellent quality of it.


Pink Leopard Bronzing Powder: This is a really versatile product. I don't use bronzer to bronze myself per se; however I think this would work well on a variety of skin tones as a bronzer or a blush. I use it as a blush for work so much that I've actually hit pan on it! 

Mood Swing Lip Gloss: These glosses claim to be "emotionally activated". We all know that glosses such as these react with moisture in your skin to change colours but they're still fun anyway. Pink Shimmer changes from violet to pink and Petal Pink changes from a light pearl colour to a pearly baby pink. They have a lovely, non-sticky moisturizing formulation and the colours are really wearable.

Mess in a Dress Eyeshadow:  This eyeshadow is really smooth, long-wearing, and pigmented. It is really nice quality and I adore the colour! Some pink eyeshadows can be unflattering but this colour is gorgeous! I also love the name.

Too Faced Perfect Lips Liner: This is another product that I have almost used up at this point! It is a lovely rosey nude shade that I use as a base to keep my lipstick on longer. It has a really nice texture to it and it never pulls or feels dry.


From left to right: Perfect Lips Liner, Mess in a Dress, Pink Leopard Bronzing Powder, Mood Swing Lip Glosses in Petal Pink and Pink Shimmer.


Anyway, I am really impressed with this brand. I want to get one of their lovely eyeshadow palettes so I can spice up my neutral work looks.

Have you ever tried Too Faced? What are your favourite products?


  1. I don't think I actually have any Too Faced, I'm put off by their lack of bright colours and prices but I always love the packaging. The leopard bronzer looks really nice and the eyeshadow is actually very fun! How does the nude liner work with brighter colours?

  2. My sister raves about that bronzer. It looks so cute!

  3. I've never tried Too Faced, actually. Oh no, I've tried their primer, which I don't like. But I want to try one of their new lipsticks!

  4. Too Faced is the bomb diggity. You have to get their Natural eyeshadow palette. It's not really that natural but I use it every single day. Beats the Naked palette in my opinion.

  5. I really like Too Faced. I just got their The Return Of Sexy palette and it's gorgeous.

  6. Gorgeous! I've been dying for a hot pink eyeshadow or eyeliner of some sort!! I love that blush too, such a nice shimmery finish!