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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Urban Decay Dangerous Palette

This past holiday season, Urban Decay released three palettes: The Dangerous Palette, The Fun Palette, and The Feminine Palette. I decided to pick up The Dangerous Palette and I am kind of sorry that I did! The colours look gorgeous in the pan but I find them to be somewhat ugly on. They also get really "muddy" when you blend them and this was quite disappointing for me. Now that I am looking at swatches again, I wish I would have gone with the Fun or Feminine Palette instead. Mushroom, Gravity, and Loaded are kind of  nice colours but their aforementioned tendency to become muddy kind of ruins them. Evidence, Ace, and Deeper are kind of just, well, UGLY. Also, this palette came with a mini of UD's Naked lipgloss which looks horrible on me (and I already have one from the Naked Palette!!)  On a more positive note, the packaging is very nicely done and the shadows are of good quality.



From left to right: Ace, Mushroom, Deeper, Evidence, Loaded, Gravity. 

Did you get any of these palettes this season? Which one? Did you like it?


  1. I'm sorry this didn't work out! I haven't purchased anything from Urban Decay in a while, though I did like the look of the Oz palettes.

  2. I see what you mean, they didn't look quite so bad in the pans but swatched they're just unwearable and yucky. It's a shame when it set you back so much, I'm not very keen on the lip gloss either, sorry you've wasted your time with this one! I'm intrigued by the packaging though, a zipped palette may be just what a girl needs on the move, but knowing my luck, the zip would get stuck, then there's not much you can do! xxx

  3. Kind of a bummer that you don't like the colors more. I've had one of those UD glosses before and hated it, way too sticky. I don't have any of the three palettes from this collection. In general I think UD does some of the best palettes, though. The quality of the shadows seems on par with their regular line. For example I have single of Mushroom and it looks like your swatch.

  4. This looks like a cool palette. It sucks that the colours don't work for you. I have Loaded in another UD palette and it's one of my favourites. Maybe they changed the formula?

  5. They don't look too horrible. If you try any of the other palettes, do tell us if they are better. I am in the market for a new palette.

  6. I can never seem to bring myself to purchase anything by UD. I adore their purple packaging, but the samples I've tried just aren't for me.

    It's such a shame that this didn't work out for you, especially because it could not have been cheap >.<
    It's disheartening spending so much money on something that doesn't pan out...
    I bought a foundation brush from sephora which wasn't cheap in the least. Two months later I replaced it with the exponentially better and cheaper beauty blender sponge (from ebay for like $3 + free shipping). Ah well =/ c'est la vie

  7. I love UD shadows SOOO much, but I wasn't tempted to buy this. I see what you mean about them looking muddy, but I actually like the Evidence swatch. :)