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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

NARS Haul and a Confession

Awhile ago, I went to the NARS counter to pick up a couple of eyeshadows that I had my eye on for a long time. The department store where the counter was located was having some sort of event and if you purchased something, you got your name put in a draw for a basket of free products. My name was drawn so I got a couple of extra things as well! The eyeshadows I purchased were Tropic and a duo eyeshadow in Marie-Galante. While Tropic is soft and smooth and nicely pigmented, the duo eyeshadows are quite hard and difficult to apply; you have to apply many layers to get them to show up. Usually NARS products are high quality so I am quite disappointed by this. They are gorgeous colours when you can finally scrape some of them off and get them to stick to your eye.

The products that came in the gift basket were NARSskin Balancing Toning Lotion, Malibu Multiple, Larger than Life Lipgloss in Norma, and Lipgloss Easy Lover.



From left to right: Malibu, Norma, Easy Lover, Tropic, and Marie-Galante duo.

Anyway, the duo shadows were so hard to use for the price that I briefly considered taking them back.

CONFESSION: I have NEVER returned an item of makeup that didn't work out for me. There are two main reasons for this:

1. I hate wasting time going to a mall to give something BACK.

2. I feel bad returning anything from a counter where you are able to test products before you buy them. It just seems like an @$$hole move to me to try on an expensive lipstick or whatever, buy it, take it home and decide you don't like it after all even though you already tried it on and then return the lipstick which then gets discarded which loses money for the company. Here's a more extreme example: somebody I worked with once told me that a friend of hers went to a counter to get a bridal makeup look designed for her and she then purchased the products they used on her (which included foundation, blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, the works). Naturally, since this was a high end brand, the products were expensive. She used these once for her wedding and then returned every single product! She said they didn't work for her/broke her out, etc. and the company's return policy allowed her to get a full refund. The person who told me about this thought it was very smart and a great idea to get to use high-end cosmetics for a special event without having to pay for them......I disagree and think that is totally dishonest!

I have heard stories of people who have purchased products that were outdated or had "gone off" and things like that. I certainly would return the product in this case as it shouldn't have been sold in the first place.

I was wondering what other people feel about the subject of returning makeup. Have you ever returned something you bought and why? What reasons do you feel are acceptable for taking something back?


  1. That's a horrible story - that's the kind of thing that makes sales associates grumble about returns, I think. I am trying to be better about making returns - I test things out more thoroughly and think about them before I actually make the purchase. However, in some cases, I think it's hard to test something at the counter, like a skincare product. That just sort of has to be tested over time, and they don't always work out. The other thing is foundation - sometimes after a week, you notice that it oxidizes, or it breaks you out, or the color isn't as perfect as it was under the shoddy department store lights. So then I exchange it. Otherwise, I do try to minimize returns.

  2. Whoa, I've never heard of anyone doing anything like that! Seems a bit iffy to me. If I bought something expensive and it wasn't up to standard I wouldn't feel super bad about returning it because you expect a level of quality. But then I doubt I'd do it very often.

    Love that blue/teal eyeshadow, its gorgeous. Interested to see how you'd use that multiple.

  3. In the UK we can't return things unless they're faulty so returns are kind of alien to me as it is! But then we have testers in drugstores, and lots of places will give you small samples of things like foundation, etc.

  4. I will return defective and out of date product but if something doesn't work for me I usually give it away. Unless it's complete crap, then I typically toss it.

    I don't usually spend a lot on cosmetics, even high-end stuff because I'm a cheapskate. I wait for sales or use Hautelook. I suppose if I spent a lot on something and it sucked I'd take it back.

  5. People who do things like that bride are make me mad. That's totally not cool. I don't judge someone who buys a thing or two and then regrets the purchase and brings the unused product back. Yes it will still be damaged out, but at least it's being honest. Sephora is not Rent-A-Center, though...

    I can only thing of one thing I brought back and that was my defective UD Glinda palette. And even then I just wanted to exchange it for a good one. Anything else I either find a use for or I give to a friend if it's something that can be sanitized.

  6. That's an awful story. I understand a lot of issues people can have with makeup after purchasing it and I'm even okay with occasional buyer's remorse, but it sounds like that bride purchased the makeup with no intention of keeping it.

    I mostly feel sorry for the person at the counter who took the time to help her pick out colors and showed her how to get her dream wedding look. The commission that person earned that day would have been taken back once the cheapo bride returned all the products. (Not cool, bro.)

  7. Horrible story, I could never even think of something like that! But I did return a foundation which broke me out. The salesperson refused me a sample and after breaking out from a 30 Euro product I was not able to test beforehands, I thought this was justified. If the dalesperson treated me nicer and would have given me a sample to test the foundation for a week (which is not much and they do have samples available), this problem would not have occured. But if they judge me by the gothy cover and think I don't have money to spend, that's completely their fault!

  8. I have no qualms about returning makeup, especially expensive makeup, if it doesn't work out. But then, I only take it back if it doesn't work out - sometimes it takes a few days for irritation to occur, or the color that looked fantastic on screen looks hellish on. But I have never even thought about doing what that bride did!