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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fyrinnae Swatches

I recently placed an order with Fyrinnae....I was kind of not supposed to be buying any makeup this year, but as you can see IT'S NOT GOING SO WELL. I have a problem. (In all fairness, I have certainly CUT DOWN on my makeup purchases, but I really have a lot of nice stuff and need to be shopping the stash rather than the counters.) ANYWAY, I saw Pop Art Mini Skirt on someone's blog and I really liked it. I also ordered two more shadows to go with it: Aye, Captain because of the name (inside joke) and Dressed to Kill because I don't have anything like it. I also got Equal Rights Shine as a generously sized sample.


From top to bottom: Equal Rights Shine, Pop Art Mini Skirt, Aye, Captain, Dressed to Kill
My swatch photos did not really turn out as you can see so I will give a brief colour description:
Equal Rights Shine: Golden yellow with pink sparkle.
Pop Art Mini Skirt: Bright, peachy orange with an aqua sparkle to it (very sparkly!)
Aye, Captain: The Fyrinnae website describes this as a "glowing" colour and I agree, it definitely has a glowing, shimmery, sparkly quality to it. It is a really neat colour, my picture does not do it justice.
Dressed to Kill: Dark green with lots of gold sparkles.
If you are into indie cosmetics, this is a company that I would definitely recommend!


  1. Great, now your blog will be the one I saw Pop Art Mini Skirt on, and will prompt an order :P It's a vicious, propagating chain.

  2. I have Dressed to Kill and it is one of my FAVE green shadows.

  3. My last Fyrinnae purchase was solely cool name-based, too. I got Bitey Tyrannosaur. Because I mean... amazing.

  4. Fabulous colours! I don't have any of these, and I have a lot of Fyrinnae shadows.

  5. I've never tried Fyrinnae. I will have to check out their products! (aww, their site is currently down!)

  6. Dressed to Kill is still one of m favourites :D